Cambodia has canceled one of the most popular public holidays celebrated by its citizens, which are the Cambodian New Year celebrations, scheduled for next week, in an attempt to limit the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), according to local media reported yesterday.

"The Khmer Times" quoted Prime Minister Hun Sen as saying: "The four-day holiday, which will start next Monday, is slated to a later date, but workers in government institutions and private companies that remain Open, in their usual work. ” During Cambodian New Year celebrations, Cambodians usually travel to the provinces from which they hail, to visit family and friends, and to share meals with them. However, this year, citizens were expected to celebrate in their homes, due to the ban on religious gatherings and the closure of most places that could host large groups of people, due to the global spread of the Corona epidemic. "The government wants to reduce the travel of citizens, to prevent the spread of infection from one place to another," the newspaper quoted Hun Sen as saying at a press conference yesterday.

He explained that «the measure aims to prevent citizens from contracting the virus». It is noteworthy that Cambodia announced, as of yesterday, that 115 injuries had been recorded since last January, with about half of those recovering. No deaths have been reported from the virus, which infects the respiratory system in the country.

The Cambodians are expected to celebrate at their homes, due to the ban on gatherings.


Corona infection in Cambodia ... while no deaths were recorded.