"Botchan Literature Prize" Work of a woman in her 30s living in Hokkaido won the grand prize Matsuyama February 14 17:12

Matsuyama City's Botchan Literature Prize, which has become the gateway to newcomers seeking youth literature, has become a new form of specializing in short-shorts. Was.

The "Botchan Literature Prize" was founded in 1988 by Matsuyama City, which set the stage for Natsume Soseki's novel "Botchan."

From this time, the genre has been specializing in "short shorts" of up to 4000 characters, and for the first time we accepted applications on the Internet, and there were 5628 entries, the largest number ever, and the grand prize was announced on the 14th.

The winner of the Grand Prize was "Hamagama" by Yuta Takano, a 30-year-old resident of Hokkaido.

This is a work where the main character, a male college student, purchases a used "Hamagama" at the market and touches the memories of her grandmother through the space spread over the dining table by the Hamagama.

The judge's chief and author, Masatomo Tamaru, praised the idea, "The idea of ​​using a familiar hagama as a theme was good and the ending was impressive."

Mr. Takano, who won the grand prize, said, "I am glad to receive the literary award I was aiming for. I want to write various works such as short shorts and feature films in the future."