It seemed impossible, and morally it might be, but, in strictly government terms, Pedro Sánchez starts to make Rajoy good. It has managed to worsen the disaster that led to its minority biennium in Moncloa, especially its inaction before the coup in Catalonia. The coup makers announced everything a thousand times ; and a thousand times denied the geniuses of the PP Government. "There will be no urns," said Soraya, the silly list, on the eve of the 1-O referendum; "How are there going to be ballot boxes, if they don't have money?" Laughed Montoro, learned to stab party mates and treasurer of the coup d'etat during the six years of his lucid stay in the Fiscal Vampirate, fierce for all but for the coup Catalan. It is enough for Sánchez to maintain his policy with the FLA to favor Catalonia, that is, to continue financing the coup structures, which remain intact.

But the error has more forgiveness when it is original than when copying. And what Sanchez has been doing since that sentence that has sentenced the Supreme's credit for many years (and the APM still asks for respect) is to copy Rajoy's ostrich policy against the coup d'etat of the Generalitat: pretend that he does not see what he is Seeing the whole world, because the terrorists don't hide, they show themselves. Sanchez also, oh, pretends blind.

But pretend fatal. Marlaska, who has already been able to improve Zoido and is about to overcome ineptitude to the dismemorialist Fernández Díaz, insisted yesterday that "what of Catalonia is, exclusively, a problem of public order", as repeating the grotesque lucianesque argumentation of the chaqueteo del Supreme: from rebellion to sedition and ensuring placement. For a minister who delivers the second Spanish capital to organized hordes of urban terrorists, encouraged and escorted by the representative of the State, one Torra, should have resigned, for no avail. Or it should have been dismissed by Sanchez, for incompetent.

But Marlaska only fulfills the orders of Pedro-Mariano Sánchez , which are summed up in two: do nothing and wait for him to escape. One of those lawyers of Soraya recycled by Casado, who also does not learn from Rajoy's appeasing error, said on the eve of the judicial trafalgar: "The sentence will have a balsamic effect." The eternal return of the memo!

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