The coronation event guarded by 26,000 police officers Drone “shoot down” troops also on October 22 at 4:59

At the celebration that accompanies the emperor's throne on the 22nd, the Metropolitan Police Department will gather support troops from police nationwide and will be guarded with a maximum of 26,000 people.

Along with the emperor's imprisonment, the “Imperial Religion Ceremony” will be held on the 22nd, and the ceremonies will be attended by dignitaries from over 170 countries.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has accepted 5,500 special dispatch units from the national police for the first time in 26 years since the wedding parade of the emperors and emperors held in 1993.

In some time zones, we will launch the “Highest Security Headquarters” headed by the chief of surveillance.

There are many police officers around the Imperial Palace and the Akasaka Imperial Palace where ceremonies are held, the embassies of various countries and the hotels where dignitaries are staying.

Overseas, a place called “soft target” where many people gather is a target of terrorism. At Haneda Airport and the terminal station, police officers in uniforms are added and so-called “security to show” is performed.

In addition, as a countermeasure against suspicious drones, specialized units equipped with “jamming devices” that block flight and equipment that blows down the net from the ground are also deployed.

In addition, “ERT” = emergency initial response unit that responds with firearms in case of terrorism etc. will be placed on alert.