Nuclear weapons ban treaty all countries sign up for 10 million people to submit to UN September 30 19:49

More than 10 million people have signed to ask for the participation of all countries in a nuclear weapons ban treaty that bans the development and possession of nuclear weapons, and representatives of survivors will be submitted to the UN next month.

The signing activity was a liaison meeting led by the Japan Federation of Cooperatives and the Japan Atomic Victims Association, and held a press conference in Tokyo on the 30th.

The Liaison Committee called for signatures on the streets and on the net in search of the abolition of nuclear weapons and the participation of all countries in the nuclear weapons ban treaty adopted by the United Nations. It means that the minute has been reached.

The signature is that in early next month, Deputy Secretary General Toshiki Fujimori of the Japan Federation of Co-operatives will visit the United Nations headquarters in New York and submit it to the chair of the committee that discusses disarmament and other matters.

The nuclear weapons ban treaty has been ratified by 32 countries by the end of this month, but 18 more countries are required for its entry into force. Negative to participate in.

Deputy Director General Fujimori said, “I am greatly encouraged by the fact that all these signatures have been collected. I would like to continue working to make the nuclear weapons ban treaty have great power.”