"Ambition Zayed Embraces Space" and "UAE's First Astronaut" marker topped Twitter's social networking site, coinciding with the launch of Hazza Al Mansouri, the first Arab-American astronaut to the International Space Station.

Observers expressed their enthusiasm for this day, which they described as "awaited," noting that it is a historic day for them where the dream of the dreams of the homeland. "Today is a day of pride, a historic day where UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri sets out on space on a historic mission and a dream come true," one observer said.

Another said: `` A historic event dominated by the United Arab Emirates today, dreams and aspirations are now fulfilled ... The first Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri, God willing, will be launched to the International Space Station, will achieve what our father Zayed wished, and will bring with you our hopes, aspirations and dreams of space. ''

While chirps expressed their enthusiasm for the day when they found the fulfillment of the dreams of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, one of the tweeters said: My flag is always in the highest. "

Another said: "Zayed's dream is realized .. I was seeing the impossible and the unrealistic dream of going to space .. And then I see the impossible and the realization of the dream needs a movement not to sleep deep."

The singers also considered that the UAE is a land of achievements and opportunities and that it is a land of good for its children.

Another said: "On this historic day .. Good morning, good homeland."

For their part, described the singers Hazza Al-Mansouri as "the pride of the homeland", expressing him through this for their pride, one of the tweets: "God be with you, thought of the homeland and the investigator of dreams."

Another said: "God has entrusted you and you will respond to the country with safety and raise your head, O pride of the homeland."

On the other hand, the followers wished success to Hazza Al-Mansouri in this mission, one of the follow-up said: "I wish success to Major # Hazza_ Al-Mansouri, the first astronaut # # Emirati astronaut to launch to the International Space Station, which will begin his mission tonight."

Today, the historic voyage of the UAE astronaut Hazza Al-Mansouri to the International Space Station begins on a mission of the first in the UAE and the Arab world.