The headline of "tortured the child" was published on the social networking site "Twitter", on the background of the spread of a video clip of a man who "tortured his child", thus creating a sensation among activists on social networking sites, until it appears in another video in which he apologizes, and justifies his action in his mental state The bad.

The video of the father, who is beating his 3-year-old daughter, has angered many on social media, including artists and media outlets, who expressed outrage at the "brutal" behavior, demanding that the man be arrested and held accountable.

One of the tweets said: "must be punished with the most severe penalties because this malignant is clear that he used to hit his children for a long time does not publish their pictures in his accounts .. Oh God you."

Another said: "He hits his children, photographing them and publishing the pictures to count them! The amount of disease and criminality I cannot absorb."

And singers expressed their sympathy and great sadness for the girl child, said one of the tweets: "It's okay, Asgerti the whole world apologizes to your small heart We apologize to you, Asgerti, broke the glances of invocation, according to God and yes agent."

He also warned some tweets that the phenomenon of child violence is an old phenomenon and still exists, demanding the infliction of the harshest penalties to the father of the girl child to be a lesson to others. “Physical or verbal abuse of children is a phenomenon that has been going on in Arab societies and causes permanent child harm or death,” said one tweet. “The victim is undoubtedly a mentally ill person who deserves the most severe punishment to deter others from doing so. Offense. "

Among the artists who participated in the campaign against the father of the child, the Lebanese artist Cyrine Abdel Nour, who wrote in her account on the "Twitter": my heart is not tolerated and my mind absorbed a father beating his child at the age of the year because what is not stopped and walking ... Sure the father needs psychological and mental treatment And spiritual ... God forgives you and protects your son from your violence .... I was able to publish the video because the refusal remains archive I have ... At the request of the authorities of the State located within the child to intervene immediately to save ... ".

My heart endured and my mind did not absorb a father beating his child at the age of the year because what is stopped and walks ... Sure, the father needs psychological, mental and spiritual treatment ...
May God forgive you and protect your son from your violence .... I was able to publish the video because refuses to remain an archive I have ... At the request of the authorities of the State of the existing child intervene immediately to save ...

- Cyrine Abdelnour (@CyrineAbdlNour) September 21, 2019

For his part, public security revealed in a tweet on his official page on "Twitter", saying: "Riyadh police arrest a resident of the Palestinian nationality for torturing his 3-year-old daughter, and provide necessary care for his four children, in coordination with the authorities. Concerned. "

Riyadh police arrest a Palestinian resident for torturing his 3-year-old daughter and provide the necessary care for his four children in coordination with the concerned authorities.

- Public Security (@security_gov) September 21, 2019

On the other hand, the pioneers of social networking sites circulated another video they said shows the father making an apology and justifying what he did that he was going through a difficult psychological situation, pointing out that the incident is old.

However, the justification of the father did not resonate with any followers who did not find his justification logically, said one of the tweets: "Even if explained must be held accountable This is not a human without heart and mercy."

Another said: "Mo logic must never justify the crime that worked because of the psychological crisis and then says interested in four and their mother left them! If you do not have the responsibility to answer them already!
His words are logical. "