Announcement of the retirement of President Nakao of Asian Bank of Japan

The President of the Asian Development Bank, Takehiko Nakao, indicated his intention to retire in January next year, and the government will make adjustments in the direction of recommending former treasurer Masaaki Asakawa of the Ministry of Finance.

The Asian Development Bank announced on March 17 that Mr. Nakao, who had served as president since April 2013, announced his intention to retire on January 16.

Regarding this, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Aso said, “Japan has made a significant contribution not only in terms of funding but also in human resources since the establishment of the Asian Development Bank. I want to recommend "

As the successor to Mr. Nakao, the government has decided to recommend a former treasurer of Asakawa of the Ministry of Finance.

Asakawa is 61 years old. In 1981, he joined the Ministry of Finance at that time, and after serving as Director of the International Bureau, from July 2015 to July, he served as the top treasurer of the administrative department in the international financial sector for four years.

The Asian Development Bank was established in Manila in the Philippines in 1966 for the purpose of infrastructure development and poverty reduction in Asia. All nine presidents so far are Japanese.

In order to become president, the majority of the 68 member countries and territories will need to get support in the vote, and adjustments will begin in the future.