Japan Post Aflac Cancer Insurance "Factual facts confirmed in detail" Minister of Internal Affairs August 22 13:05

Mr. Ishida confirms the facts in detail that Aflac Life Insurance's cancer insurance sold by Japan Post suffered more than 100,000 cases per year when customers switched to new insurance. Showed the idea to do.

Japan Post sells cancer insurance on behalf of Aflac Life, but when customers switched to new insurance, they were not able to get a guarantee for about three months or paid insurance premiums twice. We know that there were about 104,000 cases in the year up to May.

Aflac introduced a system five years ago that paid for the insurance premium for new contracts, but Japan Post did not have a system to respond to the system.

About this, Minister Ishida said at the press conference after the cabinet meeting on the 22nd, “I want to confirm in detail the circumstances and facts from Japan Post that this situation has not improved for five years,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications also I showed the idea of ​​examining the situation.

In addition, Japan Post and Japan Post Insurance are discussing with the union to compensate for the income of sales representatives who are declining due to self-restraint of insurance business activities. We will refrain from commenting on this, ”and indicated a policy to deal strictly with the content of the report on this issue that is being requested by the end of next month.

Deputy Prime Minister Aso “Investigation of responses based on survey”

Aso deputy prime minister and finance minister said in a press conference after the cabinet meeting, “Insurers and those who recruit insurance should make appropriate solicitations so as not to damage the interests of the policyholders or damage trust. After saying, “We need to do this,” and based on the surveys by Aflac Life Insurance and Japan Post, we expressed the idea that the FSA would like to consider the response.