Tobu Isesaki Line and other system malfunctions 5 and a half hours postponed August 21 17:29

Tobu Railway has put off driving on the Isesaki Line for over 5 hours due to the failure of the operation management system.

For a long time, I had to stop driving on the Tobu Railway's Isesaki Line between Asakusa and Tatebayashi and the Nikko Line between Tobu Zoo and Shintochigi.

Around 10:30 am, there was a problem that prevented the train operation status from being entered into the operation management system, so it was 4 pm, five and a half hours later, that the operation resumed.

Some stations were restricted from admission, and at Nishiarai Station in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, passengers came to the ticket gates one after another and looked at the stickers to inform station staff and inform them of the driving suspension.

In the surrounding area, there were long queues of people trying to transfer to buses and taxis.

According to the Tobu Railway, 324 were suspended, and about 110,000 people were affected.

Tobu Railway will investigate the cause of the system failure in detail.