Watch out for water accidents and call for attention with drones


As water accidents continued in various places, the Choshi Coast Guard Department in Chiba Prefecture began a new patrol using drones to call attention to dangerous swimming.

This is a new start by the Choshi Coast Guard to call attention to dangerous swimming in areas where swimming is prohibited.

The drone pilot is in charge of the instructor of the local drone classroom. So please play in a safe place. "

According to the Japan Coast Guard, nearly 60% of summer swimming accidents occur in places where there are no life savers and where it is difficult to monitor and where swimming is not designated.

Zushi Coast Guard wants to use a drone to call attention to dangerous swimming in a wider area.

“We want to use drones to stop water accidents. It is easy to generate rip currents after a typhoon, so be careful and safe place. I want you to play with me. "