Police officer arrested Suspected obscenity Saitama Aug. 15 19:55

A 32-year-old police officer belonging to the Urawa Higashi Police Station in Saitama Prefecture was arrested in June for allegedly indecent as he touched the body of a teenage woman in a parking lot in Saitama city.

Arrested by the Regional Division of Urawa Police Department, Susumu Tanaka, who was arrested (32), according to police, he was touched by a teenage woman in a parking lot in Saitama city in June. There is a suspicion of forced obscenity.

After completing his stay at the police station, Tanaka went to the street near the scene by car, pulled the victim's arm on his way home, and brought him to an invisible parking lot.

The police consulted with the woman's mother, proceeded with the investigation, and arrested on the 15th because the figure of the police officer Tanaka was reflected in the security camera installed near the scene.

After acknowledging the suspicion of the investigation, it is stated that "I was a favorite woman, so I did it."

Katsuhiko Kondo, chief inspector of the Saitama Police Headquarters, says, “It is very regrettable that the staff was arrested, and we apologize to the victims and the people of the prefecture.