Even after the typhoon has passed, there is a tremendous danger to driving! August 15, 18:36

I think that many people use cars as a means of transportation, such as when they come home with Obon. It is very dangerous to drive a car in a strong wind or heavy rain due to a typhoon. And even after the typhoon has passed, the movement of the car can be dangerous. Don't be alarmed.

Be aware of road conditions even after passing the typhoon

Be careful when driving a car even after the typhoon has passed.

Things that have been blown off by strong winds may not be removed and may remain scattered on the road. In this typhoon No. 10 as well, the effects of the strong winds have caused damage to roadside trees falling down, blocking roads, and falling signs on shops along national roads.
If you hit a large object, it will lead to a traffic accident, and even a small object will easily puncture if you step on it with a tire.

According to the JAF = Japan Automobile Federation, things that have been blown by the wind while driving a car will hit the window glass, causing a traffic accident or serious injury.

Relief request first place is “punk”

According to JAF, the most common request for car rescue by typhoons is “tire puncture”. It is said that there are many cases where punctures occur when a roof, a part of the outer wall, a tree branch, etc., are scattered on the road due to strong winds caused by a typhoon and the car runs on it.

In September of last year, Typhoon No. 21, which caused great damage mainly in Kinki, received a series of tire puncture relief requests for three days from September 4th to 6th after the typhoon approached. 782 cases.

When driving a car, be sure to check the road conditions carefully, not to be alarmed because the typhoon has passed.