The heat wave has been strengthened nationwide, and the steamer heat will continue to rise today (13th). No. 10 Typhoon Crosa has an indirect effect on Korea, and it is forecast that it will rain all over Korea on Liberation Day. Let's find out more by connecting weather centers.

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As soon as Typhoon Rekima was weakened by the tropical low pressure last night, heat waves began to rebound.

At 11 am today, many areas of the country have been hit by a heat wave, and by midday they will rise to around 35 degrees around these areas.

If you look at the daytime temperatures by region, the temperature in Seoul will be 34 degrees, Cheongju and Daejeon 35 degrees, and Chuncheon and Daegu 36 degrees, which is 2 to 5 degrees higher than yesterday.

As the temperature rises, the atmosphere becomes unstable.

From 3:00 pm to night this day, thunderstorms and thunderstorms can be showered all over the interior.

Typhoon Crosa No. 10 is expected to land in Kyushu, the day after the Liberation Day.

Afterwards, it is expected to escape to the East Sea, and due to the indirect effects of the typhoon, it will start raining in the southern region and southern province of Gangwon tomorrow afternoon, and it is expected to expand nationwide on the day of Liberation Day.

(Jeongju Hee Weather Caster)