Three months of work to end up abandoning his watermelon harvest because he has not managed to buy them from any company.

Manuel complains that supermarkets prefer to bring them from Morocco and Senegal. That is why he has decided to give them away, and they are not few: 100,000 kilos.

"Morocco is invading us with fruit and vegetables. Here there is a lot of expense, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of time and a lot of dedication," laments Manuel.

During the weekend they have taken 80,000 kilos and this Monday people were still arriving to pick up what was left. Some have wanted to pay him and with that money he will clean the greenhouses.

"They gave me 10 or 15 euros. But someone has even paid me 100 euros to fill a truck," continues the farmer.

You have invested time and money and the losses are very high. Two out of every three watermelons consumed in Spain come from Morocco and Senegal.

"The big chains buy this product much cheaper outside of Spain but then sell it as if it were from here," explains a colleague of Manuel.

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