On March 3, Maoyan Entertainment (HK:23), a leading "technology + full entertainment" service provider, officially released its 01896 annual results announcement, as of December 2022, 2022, Maoyan Entertainment's 12 annual revenue was RMB 31.2022 billion, profit for the year was RMB 23 million, and adjusted net profit was RMB 20 million.

In 2022, the situation in the entertainment industry is grim, and in the face of multi-dimensional challenges, Maoyan Entertainment will work together in parallel with its three major business segments in 2022 to continue to explore the potential of the industry, and the company's overall performance is better than the broader market, and the revenue structure is further optimized.

Entertainment content services are improved in an all-round way

In 2022, Maoyan Entertainment broke through the adverse impact of the phased decline in the market, and the entertainment content service business segment continued to grow, and it continued to maintain the total box office coverage of domestic films released and produced by it with more than 2021% compared with the domestic film market, especially for the top ten domestic films at the annual box office, the proportion of participation and main parts was basically the same as in <>, and significantly exceeded the pre-epidemic level; At the same time, its film promotion and distribution capabilities have also been iteratively upgraded, realizing the all-round improvement of entertainment content business and providing assistance for the digital upgrading of the industry.

Accurately grasping market trends, tapping the actual needs of users, optimizing industry publicity paths, and enriching intelligent publicity systems, the upgrade of Maoyan Entertainment's publicity capabilities helps the film achieve better publicity effects and box office improvement space. Maoyan Entertainment pioneered the concept of "real-time publicity" in the industry in 2022, officially upgraded the real-time want to see channel to a real-time publicity channel, and launched the industry's first network-wide real-time hot search list to help users capture the dynamic changes of film promotion topics in real time; At the same time, the "real-time war report" and "same-time comparison" services have been upgraded to make the publicity and information service more accurate and efficient; Further upgrade the personalized customization effect of "cloud charter field", expand the channel of communication materials, complete the two-way combination of publicity and consumption transformation, and finally achieve its 2022 order increase of 2023%, covering all domestic films exceeding <> million. At the same time, Maoyan Entertainment gradually tries to expand outward while improving existing functions, and in the <> Spring Festival, Maoyan and WeChat Channels will achieve the industry's first closed-loop publicity for the first time, which has become an important attempt for Maoyan Entertainment to explore a new path of publicity.

In terms of film promotion, Maoyan Entertainment achieved that the coverage of the main film market in 2022 was basically the same as in 2021, and the number of main films and the proportion of GMV of the main film relative to the participating films achieved the best performance in history. For three consecutive years from 2021 to 2023, its main films have successfully entered the top two box office positions during the Spring Festival, including the 2023 Spring Festival box office champion "Manjiang Hong" (sixth place in Chinese film history), the 2022 Spring Festival box office runner-up "This killer is not very calm", the 2021 Spring Festival runner-up "Hello, Li Huanying" (the third place in Chinese film history), other main films such as "Want to See You", "Anti-Corruption Storm 5: The Final Chapter", "Tomorrow's War", "Brother Hello" and other films have also achieved the top two results in the schedule, and have also won several important domestic awards and nominations in terms of awards, which fully reflects the steady improvement of Maoyan Entertainment's ability to identify and publicize the content of head films, and truly realizes a positive cycle of coverage and revenue contribution to head films.

In the future, Maoyan Entertainment will successively launch films such as "In the Octagon Cage", "Learning Dad", "Rescue the Suspect", "Crisis Route" and "Goldfinger", as well as the developed films such as "I Passed Through the Storm" and "Genius Game".

Online entertainment ticketing services remain robust

Looking back on 2022, while maintaining the leading position in the online movie ticketing business, Maoyan Entertainment has continuously enhanced its online ticketing platform service capabilities to help the industry and partners jointly reduce costs and increase efficiency. Maoyan Entertainment continues to deepen strategic cooperation with Tencent and Meituan to consolidate its user base; A variety of marketing functions that provide insight into user needs have been added to help filmmakers, theaters, partners and platforms realize their rights and interests, optimize users' ticketing experience, and become the official designated screening and ticketing platform of the <>th Beijing Film Festival, the <>th Hainan Island International Film Festival and the <>th Silk Road International Film Festival.

In terms of live performance service business, Maoyan Entertainment actively serves the industry, helps the industry recover, and continues to actively explore in the fields of ticketing, investment, production, IP development, etc.: providing a full set of smart venue ticketing system solutions for nearly 2023 emerging small and medium-sized venues across the country; Continuously expand the production and distribution capabilities of local localized cultural and entertainment consumption projects and the service capabilities of sinking cities; Steadily promote self-produced/produced boutique projects, such as the immersive food interactive drama "Fun Explorer", the immersive interactive drama "Play Studio" and the immersive game theater "Make a Name", and related projects will also meet audiences in more cities in the future; Provide professional services for large-scale concerts, music festivals and other performance projects that are gradually returning, such as providing ticketing services for Jay Chou <> Carnival World Tour related sites.

Not only in the Mainland, Maoyan Entertainment also cooperates with Hong Kong City Ticketing Network with professional ticketing system service capabilities and industry experience to provide ticketing system and operation services to serve the performance business in Hong Kong. The ticketing system developed by Maoyan Entertainment has been officially launched since December 2022, and has served a number of performance projects including "Eason Chan Fear and Dreams Hong Kong Concert" at the beginning of its launch, successfully verifying its system service capabilities. In the future, Maoyan Entertainment will continue to build a self-operated system to further provide users in Hong Kong and other regions with performance ticketing and other services.

Industry service capabilities are constantly upgraded

In 2022, Maoyan Entertainment will still focus on its own data analysis capabilities, continue to explore user pain points, consolidate industry-wide service capabilities, further enhance data and industry integration capabilities and analysis capabilities, and further enhance business change scenes. For example, the box office list sweeps the box office data of major overseas countries and regions; The "real-time hot search" function provides users with the required publicity data with second-level efficiency; Maoyan Research Institute actively produces and publishes various in-depth theme research reports, and provides more and more third parties with services such as early IP research and development test research.

On the basis of the continuous enrichment of publicity tools, Maoyan Entertainment actively explores the effective landing of publicity products and effectively integrates with its own market channels to create a reach network covering all scenarios of users' online and offline lives, and its channel capacity serves 60% of the annual films; In terms of content marketing services, based on movies, it has continuously linked with TV dramas and filmmakers to form in-depth cooperation with multiple platforms, and the number of service projects has increased by more than 50%.

In 2023, the Spring Festival file will be promoted to the second place in the Chinese film and television Spring Festival file, breaking the record of the fastest annual box office in Chinese film history to break 2023 million, these signals are announcing that the recovery of China's entertainment market has officially entered an accelerated stage, Maoyan Entertainment CEO Zheng Zhihao said: "For the recovery and development of the entertainment market in <>, Maoyan Entertainment is full of confidence. In the future, Maoyan Entertainment will adhere to the core strategy of "technology + full cultural entertainment", continue to tap the core advantages in publicity and distribution, increase the development of live performance business, continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency of movie ticketing services, and combine the compound advantages of its own scientific and technological services and the entertainment industry to actively explore new cooperation scenarios, and at the same time increase the exploration of the post-IP film box office market business, such as the mutual connection between movies and live performances, the development of derivatives, etc., so as to truly create more value for the whole entertainment industry and society.