China News Network, March 3 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Wu Tao) "Install a TV and use a crane. In 22, a consumer attracted attention because he bought a Redmi MAX 2020-inch TV and used a crane to install it, but after only 98 days, he embarked on the road of rights protection. The reporter learned that recently, the consumer and Xiaomi reached a settlement, and the road to rights protection in the past three years came to an end.

Use a crane to install a TV, Lei Jun once commented

In 2020, Mr. Wang, who purchased the 98-inch Redmi MAX 98, used a crane when installing a TV, which attracted attention on the Internet. At that time, Xiaomi Home used relevant pictures to publish Weibo, and Lei Jun also commented that "I bought a 98" TV, and I couldn't keep a low profile."

Weibo screenshot.

Mr. Wang told Zhongxin Finance, "The whole process of Xiaomi's authorized use of photos was voluntarily and spontaneously issued by me, and the content of subsequent official publicity and promotion did not have any form of cooperation with me, which is completely based on the enthusiasm of a rice noodle." ”

However, the enthusiasm did not take long, according to Mr. Wang, the Redmi MAX 19999 purchased for 98,38 yuan occurred after only 98 days of normal use, and the failure of regional splash screen and large area dark spots occurred. The reporter checked from the Xiaomi mall that the latest price of Redmi MAX 15999 inches is <> yuan.

"In the case of ineffective replacement of the panel, it was decided to replace the whole machine, and as a result, the same failure occurred again 146 days later, and Xiaomi once again had to replace the TV, and only 44 days after the replacement, the TV still had the same problem." Mr. Wang said.

Lei Jun comments. Weibo screenshot

According to Mr. Wang, from the purchase of the TV in 2020, to the current 3 years, the TV has undergone two replacements and three repairs, "After five repairs, the TV had problems again, and when the problem was raised again and was not solved, Xiaomi after-sales refused to continue to provide after-sales service on the grounds that the product was out of warranty." ”

The consumer also posted five repair reports to confirm the repair reports. Mr. Wang claimed that according to incomplete statistics, the normal state of this TV is only about 55% of the overall time since the purchase. In the process of five maintenance and replacement in the past three years, Xiaomi refused to recall the whole machine.

The latest response from both parties: return and refund

Recently, Mr. Wang told Zhongxin Financial Reporter that Xiaomi has returned and refunded him, and also refunded the cost of installing the TV crane and the cost of the TV bracket.

Photo courtesy of interviewee: The picture shows Xiaomi aftermarket using a crane to transport the faulty Redmi MAX 3 on March 21.

From installation to two replacements, a total of three cranes were used. The last return was refunded, and the crane was used again. In this way, it took four cranes to buy a TV, "except for the first crane fee, which was my own expense (and finally refunded), the rest belongs to Xiaomi after-sales, and Xiaomi company bears it." ”

However, Mr. Wang said, "By the last repair in November 2022, I learned from the maintenance engineer that the same problem of the same model is a common phenomenon, and it is not limited to my case." ”

The reporter looked at Xiaomi's flagship stores on some e-commerce platforms, and Redmi MAX 98 products had fewer reviews related to products, and failed to confirm whether many consumers encountered similar situations.

For whether there is a commonality in this situation and why it is still faulty after so many repairs, as of press time, Xiaomi has not responded. Xiaomi's relevant staff just said, "User problems have been properly handled." (End)