The Dax started the new year with more vigor than ever before in its history.

More than 8 percent plus are recorded after two weeks.

In the M-Dax it is even 13 percent.

Books closed, annual return achieved, you could say.

But at the moment, marketers want more.

They turn every message into a positive one - and celebrate every ray of hope with hefty price premiums.

The outstanding price development, which made the fourth quarter one of the best in the history of the index, continues.

Daniel Mohr

Editor in Business.

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It shows once again that good entry points are those when the whole world is in gloom: the winter will be bitter, gas will be scarce, factories will close, central banks will raise interest rates despite the recession because inflation knows no bounds.

This week, however: Germany's economy is growing strongly.

It was 1.9 percent in 2022, as the Federal Statistical Office has now announced.

Above all, consumption by private households increased very strongly with a price-adjusted increase of 4.6 percent.

Many people have enough reserves to boldly bring tourism, restaurants, but also trade in the Christmas business full coffers.

Cheers to lower inflation

And inflation is falling.

December numbers came out of America this week, showing the sixth consecutive monthly decline.

The rate remains high at 6.5 percent, but it was 9.1 percent in June.

A clearly falling trend.

This gives reason to cheer on the markets, as hopes of a pause or even an end to the major central banks' rate hikes are rising.

The relief rally on the stock markets is particularly pronounced in Germany.

The Dax is the strongest of the major indices so far this year.

In the Euro Stoxx 50, six of the ten biggest winners came from Germany and only one of the six values ​​with a price decline ( VW ).

Bayer was celebrated with a double-digit increase in price because activist shareholders want to make steam of the great disappointment in shares in recent years.

Real estate shares such as Vonovia or TAG Immobilien are the big winners in interest rate speculation, as low interest rates are particularly good for their business.

Things were turbulent in the Tübingen Curevac share, the price of which has doubled in the meantime.

Encouraging results from phase 1 trials for influenza vaccines and second-generation corona vaccines boosted the price of the New York-listed stock.

Prices of up to 13 euros, however, compare with values ​​​​of more than 100 euros in 2020, before Curevac got nothing in the billion-dollar business with corona vaccines.

Winner Biontech was again slightly in the red this week and is in a patent dispute with Curevac.

How colorfully mixed the winners are can be seen from the good numbers for the large kitchen manufacturer Rational, from the Covid relief in China for the luxury group LVMH, from demands from activist shareholders at Walt Disney and from purchase recommendations for SMA Solar.

Investors could currently do almost nothing wrong when buying shares.

There were only a few misfires at the big fireworks display that opened the year.

In Germany, for example, Südzucker, who had to admit that they have not been able to pass on the high costs to customers in the form of higher prices, as had been hoped.

Among the heavyweights, VW fell out of line.

The sales figures for 2022 were disappointing with a minus of 7 percent.

The electric car share in sales increased from 5 to almost 7 percent.

But there are still a good 93 percent combustion engines.

A record special dividend of a good 19 euros per share (15 percent of the share price) distributed at the beginning of the week and analysts' voices who spoke of an undervalued share did not help the titles, nor did similar statements by the Anheuser-Busch beer company.