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number of applicants for voluntary retirement is increasing at banks, which have been considered stable workplaces.

Many places have lowered the retirement age to 40, and the conditions were good enough to come out with the word 'welfare' rather than a sharp wind, but reporter Nam Jung-min reported.


KB Kookmin Bank received an application for voluntary retirement until the age of 50.

Over 700 people gathered for six days.

Other banks have a lower age limit.

Shinhan Bank has lowered it to 44 years old, Woori and Hana, and NH Nonghyup Bank to 40 years old.

It is expected that at least 2,300 and up to 3,000 people will leave the banking sector in December and January of last year from the five major banks.

The fact that thousands of people flocked to apply for voluntary retirement reflects the situation of banks that have to close stores and reduce their size due to digital conversion, but it is also the result of employees themselves demanding that the standard for applying for retirement be lowered.

It has to do with improved conditions for voluntary retirement, fierce competition for promotion, and an atmosphere that views retirement as a matter of 'choice'.

[Bank clerk: I think of it as welfare, welfare.

People who go out anyway tend to think that I have to get a lump sum.]

Most of them give 3 years of salary as severance pay, and some give reemployment subsidies and student loans to this.

It is different for each bank and individual, but in the case of assistant manager level, it is known that they receive about 400 to 500 million won.

[Kim Dae-jong/Professor of Business Administration, Sejong University: Manufacturers give an average of 6 months to 1 year as an immediate withdrawal, but financial institutions receive a very large amount of withdrawal for about 3 years.

They do too much welfare, let's see it like this.]

Banks that have posted record-high performance based on interest income expand their voluntary retirement compensation following 300-400% performance bonuses, and there are many reactions that are bitter.

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