It is difficult to rely on "net celebrity" for a long time

  Yang Kaixin

  Recently, affected by many factors such as consumption scenarios, consumption capacity, and consumer confidence, some once-prosperous consumption venues are facing considerable operational difficulties.

The Yongxingfang neighborhood in Xi’an, which once became popular on the Internet due to "Wrestling Bowl Wine", has attracted the attention of many people not long ago. No one cares about it, and the name of the characteristic block of intangible cultural heritage has yet to be cultivated.

  This embarrassment can be seen in many places.

The author believes that the reason why the upsurge recedes and the grand occasion is hard to come back is that apart from the problems in specific business tactics, the key is the excessive obsession and reliance on "Internet celebrity" thinking in business thinking.

  Traffic, IP, hits, outlets, labels... These words that originally belonged to the fields of electronic information, marketing, and communication have now crossed borders and entered the consumer field closely related to ordinary people.

Some operators believe that as long as they follow the right trend, they can leverage resources like a jackpot, and then realize the realization of traffic flow.

Following this line of thought, it is easy to think that you can win while lying down, or even when you are asleep.

However, strength and internal strength are the most important after all, otherwise, the "naked swimming" that only you know about may become well known.

  For example, many scenic spots are now selling Wenchuang ice cream.

It seems that adding the word "Cultural Creation" can double your worth and keep you in the limelight.

In fact, apart from the ugly and cute shapes of some so-called cultural and creative ice creams that make people laugh, it is really hard to see how much "literature" and "creative" there are, and it is difficult to leave a good impression on people.

  Excessive reliance on Internet celebrity hits such as "smashing bowl wine" can last for a while but not for a lifetime, not to mention that this form has always been controversial about waste, fake folk customs, and marketing gimmicks.

Whether a place is run well or not, consumers vote with their feet.

If it is difficult to live up to the reputation, consumers come here in high spirits but return disappointed. Not only will it be difficult to "turn fans", but it is also easy to "turn black".

If you want to get rid of the vicious circle of "Internet celebrities" for a while, and attract consumers to call friends and come back again and again, you should reduce short-term operations, ostentation and the mentality of becoming popular, and think more about real tricks to consolidate your internal strength.

  It is not easy for a consumer place to be famous for a while, but it is even more difficult to maintain its prosperity for a long time.

On the one hand, the quality of service should be effectively improved, not only to avoid being weak in everything, but also not to rely on pure hype.

We should settle down and do more practical things to lay the foundation, create selling points on the basis of high quality, and build a good business ecology and development platform.

On the other hand, it is necessary to focus on innovating consumption scenarios, keep abreast of consumers' needs and psychological innovations, and make popular items "fit and healthy", while brewing and creating new products that adapt to the new environment, and continuously enhance consumer stickiness.

(Economic Daily)