China News Service, July 3. Recently, the Bronze Galloping Horse plush toy, a cultural and creative product originally designed by the Gansu Provincial Museum, has become popular on the Internet.

In response to this, the Gansu Provincial Museum responded on the 1st: "We are very grateful for the love and support of all fans. Here, we regret to inform you that this plush toy has been sold out both online and offline, and is currently making every effort to make up for it. In the goods, please wait patiently."

  At the same time, the Gansu Provincial Museum found that some unscrupulous merchants illegally copied and sold the product, and made a solemn statement: The Gansu Provincial Museum owns the exclusive copyright of this copper galloping horse plush toy, and has not produced and sold it to any third party. Authorization for the sale.

All cultural and creative products of the Gansu Provincial Museum have only the following three official sales channels: the cultural and creative exhibition hall of the Gansu Provincial Museum, the Tmall flagship store of the Gansu Provincial Museum, and the Douyin "Gansu Provincial Museum Cultural and Creative Center" (ID: gansushengbo).

  The Gansu Provincial Museum reminds fans to purchase genuine copies through official channels to avoid infringement of their rights by illegal businesses.

At the same time, the Gansu Provincial Museum will pursue relevant responsibilities of pirated merchants through legal channels.

(Zhongxin Finance)