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France is full of talents, associations and innovative, ambitious and daring companies that are committed to and contribute to changing the world of tomorrow.

With the Trophées de l'Avenir, Europe 1 highlights these nuggets, which were rewarded on Wednesday June 29 during the ceremony for the 2022 edition.

In partnership with Derichebourg, Business France, the Arthritis Foundation and Acadomia, the Trophées de l'Avenir rewarded companies, associations or local authorities on Wednesday evening during a ceremony.

This competition - which honored 32 men and women - through the different categories: food, health, mobility, solidarity, local authorities, education, environment, without forgetting the favorite of the listeners of Europe 1. Discover all the winners of this 2022 edition. 

Circul'Egg, for the food category

Circul'Egg is an innovative start-up that operates in the field of the circular economy.

Thanks to a patented process, Circul'Egg recovers the outer part of the shell composed of 90% calcium carbonate as well as the small shell membrane;

both prized by manufacturers for their biomolecules of interest such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate.

The goal?

Reinject them into products intended for animal feed, nutraceuticals (food supplements) or cosmetic products.

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A shelter that saves lives for the solidarity category

A shelter that saves lives was created by Charlyne Peculier, Fostine Carracillo, Paul Wirbel and Hadrien Wolfelsperger.

A platform dedicated to connecting victims of violence with caring owners, it is based on a concept known and now practiced in all sectors.

A shelter that saves lives connects "shelters" - professionals and individuals who own vacant housing or cohabit with sheltered women, women with or without children.

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The Rafaël Institute, for the health category

The Rafaël Institute, a post-cancer center, wishes to transform the vision of care by taking into account the psychological, emotional, sexual and social dimension of the patient.

It is the first European center for interactive medicine which works to support patients during and after oncological treatments.

The team, made up of 11 oncologists, 70 paramedics and 5 coordinators, builds with each patient a free course of care coordinated around nutrition, emotions, physical activity, well-being and the question of returning to life. 'use.

Comprehensive care that reduces symptoms and significantly improves quality of life.

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Glowee, for the local government category

Glowee is an environmental biotechnology start-up using the phenomenon of bioluminescence to illuminate cities.

It corresponds to the natural ability of living organisms to produce light.

The objective is therefore to create a lighting system for our cities that is more respectful of the planet, biodiversity and citizens.

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Learnenjoy, for the education category

Learnenjoy was founded in 2013 by Gaëlle Regnault, mother of an autistic little boy, to overcome the lack of tools allowing the inclusion of students with learning disabilities.

This company works hand in hand with the National Education and French research laboratories to design their educational applications, used on tablets in class.

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Gulplug, for the mobility category

Selfplug® is a 100% automatic and magnetic charging system for electric vehicles developed by the Grenoble start-up Gulplug.

A magnetic socket located under the vehicle unwinds to a connected base.

When it's time to get back in the car, the plug unplugs and rolls up inside.

A 100% magnetic connection solution for electric cars.

A great benefit for the user who has the guarantee that his car is charged and can drive in town in a 100% carbon-free way.

With Gluplug, it's very simple, everything is automatic.

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Sencrop, for the environment category

Sencrop is the weather connected to cultures.

Its co-founder Martin Ducroquet explains that it is thus possible to "view weather information data, crop monitoring and therefore intervene in the fields only if necessary. For example, to sow, spray, irrigate or harvest".

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