China News Service, Shanghai, June 12 (Gao Zhimiao) As one of the first urban areas in Shanghai to achieve a basic social reset and clearing, Putuo District took the lead in resuming work, production, and business and the market in the central urban area.

In order to better assist enterprises to resume work and production, the launching ceremony of Putuo District Resumption Service Month was held in China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park on the 12th.

  Jointly set up a 10 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) "special financing loan to help enterprises in Putuo District" with relevant banks within the jurisdiction; for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that lease state-owned houses and engage in production and operation activities, the housing for 6 months will be exempted in 2022. Rent; subsidies for epidemic prevention and sterilization in industries such as retail, catering, cold chain, property services, cultural tourism, etc. are given in different grades and fixed amounts... At the launching ceremony of the resumption service month, the "Ten Reliable" policies were released in a centralized manner.

  Affected by the epidemic, many companies are facing huge financial pressure. Chang Qingyuan, general manager of Shanghai Baiheyuan Pharmacy Co., Ltd., bluntly said that he obtained funds "in time" from "relying on universal loans".

"Although we are a supply guarantee unit, many of our stores were closed during the epidemic, and the resumption of work and production faced financial pressure. Under the guidance of government policies, Bank of Shanghai provided door-to-door consulting services, and after applying, we finally received 5 million yuan" By universal loan'."

"Going forward with 'recovery' and 'general'" photo by Gao Zhimiao at the launching ceremony of Putuo District's work resumption service month

  It is understood that Putuo District and 12 banks within its jurisdiction have established a 10 billion yuan "special financing loan to assist enterprises and bail out", and introduced the "relying on universal loan" policy to provide enterprises with financial services such as loan extension and deferred repayment. While enjoying 30 basis points lower than the market benchmark interest rate, you can also get a 20% discount from the district government.

The first batch of "relying on universal loans" totaling 3.8 billion yuan has been docked with relevant banks.

  Zhang Haohan, general manager of Kintetsu City Plaza, said, "This time, the 'reliance on general rental' in the 'reliable general ten articles' is a policy tailored for private enterprises like us. The main body grants rent reductions and exemptions, and the government grants a certain percentage of the total rent reductions and exemptions to eligible owners, which undoubtedly boosts confidence in promoting economic recovery."

  Jiang Dongdong, Secretary of the Putuo District Party Committee, said, "During the epidemic, we have always maintained close contact with enterprises through various online and offline channels. While fighting the epidemic together, we will do everything possible to stabilize the economy and promote development. We actively listen to and solve the problems of enterprises. In order to solve the problems encountered, a series of online office services such as home office and Shanghai departure certificate have been launched, and a 'enterprise service through train' has been opened to provide enterprises with a 'clear card' for resumption of work, so as to help and recover as needed."

  Jiang Dongdong said that Putuo District will take the resumption of work service month as an opportunity to further increase its efforts to contact, visit and serve enterprises, provide better support for enterprises to accelerate their resumption of work and reach production, and create a better environment, so that enterprises can respond to their needs in the first time, and enterprises can Solve difficulties at the first time, care about the development of the enterprise at the first time, and be a good "Golden Gold Shop Second" and "the warmest partner".