Recruitment interviews for major companies for university students graduating next spring began in earnest on June 1.

A major non-life insurance company in Tokyo has also started an online first interview.

At the head office of Sompo Japan, a major non-life insurance company in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, the first online interview has started from June 1st for university students who will graduate next spring.

Through the tablet terminal, the interviewer asked the students what they wanted to do and what they did when they were students.

From this year, this company will offer a new "job-type" recruitment course that specializes in specialized fields such as asset management and digital, in addition to general employment, in order to hire students who are motivated to acquire specialization. I set it up.

Ayako Morikawa, Group Leader, Human Resources Department, Sompo Japan Insurance, said, "I want you to be motivated by students who want to improve their expertise. I want it. "

At this company, the interview will be conducted online and the final interview will be conducted face-to-face.

A student in Tokyo who was interviewed said, "I'm used to job hunting online, so the face-to-face interview seems nervous, but I want to keep calm."