China News Agency, Beijing, June 1 (Reporter Zhao Jianhua) This year, China implemented a new combined tax and fee support policy, and it is expected that the annual tax rebate is 2.64 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below).

According to the survey results released by the State Administration of Taxation on the 1st, more than 98% of eligible enterprises have enjoyed preferential tax and fee policies.

  Prior to the announcement of the above results, the State Administration of Taxation conducted a nationwide special survey and evaluation on the implementation of the new combined tax and fee support policy, and conducted an online questionnaire on 15,160 taxpayers and fee payers covering different industries, scales and registration types across the country. Surveys and "face-to-face" interviews.

  Large-scale value-added tax credits and refunds have solved the financial problems of many enterprises.

Jiangsu Jinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., which mainly manufactures high-end equipment, has been affected by the epidemic, and its sales orders have been impacted, and it is facing greater pressure on capital turnover.

Pan Xueping, the legal representative of the company, said that more than 16 million yuan of tax refunds have been received, which has solved the urgent need.

  Also benefiting from the tax and fee reduction policy, as a small and micro enterprise, Guizhou Qianling Female Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd. paid less than 300,000 yuan in corporate income tax, which also eased the financial pressure.

  At present, China's economic development is facing greater downward pressure.

The number of market entities in the country has reached 150 million, and "confidence is more important than gold".

The survey results show that 92.82% of taxpayers and payers believe that the new combined tax and fee support policy has a "very positive" or "relatively positive" impact on the production and operation of enterprises.

  Bai Yanfeng, Dean of the School of Finance and Taxation, Central University of Finance and Economics, analyzed that under the background of complex and changeable international environment and the impact of the epidemic, the taxation department has implemented a package of combined tax and fee support policies, showing strong tax governance capabilities, and will It will have a positive impact on optimizing the tax business environment and maintaining a favorable position in international competition.

  Affected by the epidemic, an ecological technology company called Initial Sharing nearly died of its investment projects.

After the implementation of the large-scale value-added tax credit and refund policy, the enterprise transformed itself and invested in the production of anti-epidemic materials with the use of 3.58 million yuan of tax credit.

  The visible policy "dividends" make taxpayers and payers a stronger sense of gain.

The survey results show that 92.75% of taxpayers and payers said they have a "strong sense of gain" or "a strong sense of gain" for the new combined tax and fee support policy.

  Zhang Lianqi, vice president of the China Taxation Society, said that the new combined tax and fee support policy has realized the superposition of policies such as tax rebates, tax reductions, tax exemptions, tax deferrals, fee reductions, and fee deferrals, reducing burdens and increasing efficiency for taxpayers and payers.

Supporting the development of manufacturing and small, medium and micro enterprises, alleviating the pressure on cash flow of enterprises, and enhancing business confidence of enterprises; increasing the incentives for enterprise innovation will help accelerate the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, consolidate and strengthen the foundation of the real economy, and enhance the potential for innovation and development.

  The survey results also showed that 98.1% of taxpayers were satisfied with the measures taken by the tax authorities to implement the new combined tax and fee support policy.

97.48% of taxpayers and payers independently handled the new combined tax and fee support policy business through the electronic tax bureau.

  Tang Juncong, the legal representative of Chongqing Haitong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that when applying for tax incentives and exemptions, after you determine that you meet the conditions, you can apply for it through the electronic tax bureau, which is convenient and fast.

Liu Jianwen, a professor at Peking University Law School, said that the pace of "smart taxation" construction is accelerating, and tax and fee discounts are directly and quickly enjoyed.