For the time being, Berliner Gasag is no longer accepting new customers for electricity and gas on fixed-term tariffs due to sharply increased procurement costs.

The basic and replacement supply is not affected, as a spokeswoman said on Thursday.

"As a Gasag customer, there is no need to worry - your supply is secured," the website said.

However, sales have been stopped for the time being.

"Due to the current market situation and the rising procurement prices, intensified by the Ukraine conflict, it is currently not possible for us to offer you an offer with fair conditions."

Natural gas comes from Russia

Germany gets a large part of its natural gas from Russia.

Prices have been rising for months, especially since the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The Federal Association of Energy and Water Industries speaks of "enormous pressure" on electricity and gas prices due to the war.

Gasag's existing customers are also feeling this.

As of May 1st, gas prices for the basic supply for an average apartment in Berlin will rise by 26 percent, as the company announced on Monday.

It wants to offer customers with payment difficulties installment payments or deferrals.

The wholesale price has grown by more than 500 percent compared to March 2021.

"Gasag was able to secure large quantities of gas at lower prices at an early stage," the company explained.

"Therefore, the new high wholesale prices do not have to be passed on to the customers in full."

Gasag supplies gas to around 400,000 private households in Berlin and supplies more than 200,000 with electricity.