Zhongxin Finance, March 7th (Peng Jing and Shao Wanyun) Raising children is stressful and costly?

Will there be a shortage of coal and power cuts this year?

What impact does the Russia-Ukraine conflict have on China's economy?

... For many hot and focus issues, the National Development and Reform Commission responded at the press conference of the State Council Information Office on the 7th.

On the 7th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on "Adhering to Stability at the Head, Seeking Progress in Stability, and Promoting New Progress in High-quality Development".

Screenshot from the official website of the State Council Information Office

The pressure and high cost of elderly care and childcare?

  Some media asked: In recent years, the proportion of the elderly population in my country has increased rapidly, raising children is under great pressure and cost is high, and many people have a feeling of being attacked from top to bottom. What is the NDRC doing in expanding the supply of elderly care and child care services? policy consideration?

  In this regard, Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that "one old and one small" is now the most concerned people's livelihood event. Population aging, three-child policy, and nursing care for the elderly are frequently searched.

Improving the effective supply of old-age care is a key task for economic and social development this year. We will focus on three things, namely, incremental improvement, inclusive benefits, and strict supervision.

For example, for elderly care institutions where "one bed is hard to find" and nursery institutions where "one bed is hard to find", the central budget will provide key support for investment, and at the same time, relevant policies such as finance, taxation, credit, land, and talents will be put in place, and the increase will be greatly increased. The supply of high-quality resources for nursing care for the elderly.

What should I do if the aged care institutions "run away"?

  Lian Weiliang said that at present, there are indeed many problems in this area. For example, some institutions have poor service quality, unreasonable charges, and consumers have opinions; some institutions lack integrity, and even some illegal incidents such as "running" occur. , defrauded the "life-saving money" of the elderly, which seriously impacted the bottom line of social morality and law.

  "In this regard, we must effectively strengthen the coordinated supervision of the departments, further improve the standards and regulations, and comprehensively improve the service quality and level of nursing care for the elderly."

Will there be coal shortages and power cuts this year?

  Lian Weiliang said that despite the increasingly severe challenges we face, my country has the conditions, capability, confidence and means to ensure a safe and reliable supply of energy.

  Focus on four aspects to ensure energy security and supply: focus on increasing production capacity, focus on strengthening reserves, focus on ensuring supply and stable prices; resolutely guarding the bottom line of energy consumption for people's livelihood.

Through a larger margin, safer and more reliable supply guarantee plan, the energy security supply under various circumstances will be realized, and the power supply and gas supply will not be limited in non-extreme situations. Limit gas without closing the valve.

International oil and gas prices rise, how to ensure energy supply?

  Lian Weiliang said that the recent escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had an impact on the global energy market, and international crude oil and natural gas prices have further risen.

Due to the high proportion of China's crude oil and natural gas outsourcing, it will definitely be affected, and the import cost will objectively rise.

But overall the impact is manageable.

  "China's crude oil and natural gas import sources have been diversified, and the proportion of long-term contracts is very high. As long as all parties comply with the contracts, imports can remain generally stable. At the same time, China is vigorously promoting the high-quality development of renewable energy and accelerating the implementation of renewable energy. The rapid increase in alternative, clean energy sources will also effectively hedge and mitigate external impacts.”

Is it difficult to achieve the 5.5% economic target?

  Lian Weiliang said that this is a medium-to-high-speed growth on a high base, which reflects the initiative and requires hard work to achieve.

  Special attention will be paid to grasping three aspects: First, pay more attention to the implementation of major decisions and take effect, further introduce and implement policies and measures to expand domestic demand, and strive to maintain the good momentum of foreign trade development.

Second, pay more attention to the overall coordination of macro policies, give full play to the effect of policy integration, and form a policy synergy to stabilize growth.

The third is to pay more attention to effectively responding to various risks and challenges, make every effort to ensure food security, energy security and the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and do a more precise job of epidemic prevention and control.

Will the Russia-Ukraine conflict affect the Chinese economy?

  Lian Weiliang said that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will bring greater uncertainty to the development of the world economy. China's economy has strong resilience, great potential and great space. Although the external environment for China's economic development has become more complex and severe, the long-term trend of China's economy will continue to increase. Good fundamentals will not change, and there are still good foundations and conditions to keep the economy operating within a reasonable range.

  Lian Weiliang said that in terms of jointly building the "Belt and Road", Russia and Ukraine are both countries jointly building the "Belt and Road". , mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win Silk Road spirit, and promote the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road".

We expect relevant parties to resolve the issue peacefully through dialogue and strive to minimize the impact and impact on the world economy.