China News Service, Beijing, February 13 (Liu Na) Open recruitment for overseas students returning to China, introducing support measures for overseas students returning to China in 2022, and introducing 2022 high-level overseas students returning to China. Subsidy declaration measures... In order to attract the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship Talent groups, guide and encourage more overseas students to return to China for employment and entrepreneurship. In recent days, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (referred to as the Economic and Technological Development Zone) has successively released a number of recruitment information, implemented a number of favorable policies in Beijing, and maximized the accumulation of various talents. , to do a good job in innovation and entrepreneurship support for returnees, and create a high-end industrial talent highland.

  It is understood that in addition to accelerating the construction of the first million-square-meter new international talent community project in Beijing, the talent service hall that provides investment incubation, talent training, and financial empowerment for talent innovation and entrepreneurship in the Economic Development Zone has also entered the final stage of construction. , is expected to be completed and put into use in May.

  This time, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone focuses on young scientific and technological talents with obvious innovation ability, selects and supports a group of high-level innovative talents who have studied abroad and returns to China, arranges special funds, and supports and encourages talents to return to China to innovate and start businesses.

This year, it will focus on supporting frontier and basic research fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum information, life and health, biological breeding, and aerospace technology.

Talents selected for the project will receive a one-time personal reward ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 yuan according to the project category.

  "As one of the entrepreneurs who returned to China and took root in the Economic and Technological Development Zone for the past few years, I have deeply felt the importance the country attaches to talents. Taking root here has a great impetus and deepens my belief in continuing to innovate and start businesses here.” said Chen Qian, chief scientist and co-founder of Suozhen Medical, an enterprise in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Publishing, leading the team for him to return to China, and concentrate on the research and innovation in the field of molecular genetics to avoid worries, and can focus more energy, ability and strength on technological breakthroughs and enterprise development.

  Since the first quarter of 2022, the Economic and Technological Development Zone has cooperated with Beijing to implement various measures to support the return of overseas students to start their own businesses and to subsidize high-level overseas students to return to China. At present, various "talent matrix" supporting service facilities are also steadily under construction. .

  "At present, the Economic Development Zone has basically formed a talent team led by academicians, with 'Yiqilin' talents as the backbone, and technically skilled talents as the important support, and the strategic position of talents leading development has been further revealed. Diversified talent levels and The type can not only provide the leading and driving energy of high-level talents for industrial innovation, but also provide all-round backbone support for industrial development." said the relevant person in charge of the Organization and Personnel Department of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Working Committee.

  Next, in order to give full play to the role of talent intelligence in the accelerated development of various undertakings in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yizhuang New City, earnestly implement the preferential policies for talent introduction, persist in fulfilling commitments to retain talents, optimize services to attract talents, and create The atmosphere makes talents, and truly attracts high-level talents, retains them, and does a good job. The Economic and Technological Development Zone will focus on the strategic goal of "high-level talent highland construction" and research and formulate the "Economic Development Zone High-level Talent Highland Construction Implementation Plan", Strengthen the top-level design and strategic planning of talent work.

At the same time, through a number of measures such as stimulating the innovation vitality of employers, building a high-end platform for talent development, and deepening the construction of a talent service system, we will create a livable and business development environment.