[Commentary] On January 17th, the 2022 Spring Festival travel officially opened.

In the face of repeated epidemics across China, how can airports provide passengers with a safe, efficient and convenient Spring Festival travel experience?

In the morning, the reporter went to Beijing Daxing Airport to visit.

  [Explanation] At 10 o'clock in the morning, the reporter saw at the scene that passengers came to the terminal to check in from time to time.

During the Spring Festival, the passenger flow of Daxing Airport is expected to increase significantly compared with last year.

  [Same period] Wei Yesheng, duty manager of the operation management department of Daxing Airport

  The 2022 Spring Festival travel starts on January 17 and ends on February 25, with a total of 40 days.

During the period, Daxing Airport is expected to guarantee 23,800 flights, with an average of 596 flights per day, guaranteeing 2.83 million inbound and outbound passengers, with an average of 70,800 passengers per day, and up to 78,000 passengers on peak days.

  [Explanation] In order to ensure the safety of passengers, Daxing Airport strictly implements the defense line of temperature measurement and code scanning.

The reporter saw on the fourth floor of the terminal that only passengers with normal body temperature and the green code of "Beijing Health Treasure" can enter. In the terminal, all passengers must also wear masks.

  [Concurrent] Yan Xu, Director of Terminal Management Department of Daxing Airport

  During the Spring Festival travel period, the terminal building will strengthen the environmental disinfection of high-touch areas for passengers such as check-in areas, security inspection areas, and passenger baggage claim areas.

At the same time, Daxing Airport has deployed non-contact induction hand sanitizers on the main flow of passengers, and passengers can use them according to their own needs.

  [Explanation] The reporter noticed that Daxing Airport has also set up a 24-hour nucleic acid sampling point. Passengers do not need to make an appointment, and they can be checked immediately upon arrival, and a nucleic acid test report can be issued in the fastest 2 to 4 hours.

In addition, the "paperless" check-in service at Daxing Airport not only improves travel efficiency, but also effectively reduces the risk of cross-infection among passengers, helping to travel efficiently during the Spring Festival travel period.

  [Commentary] Airlines are also preparing for the Spring Festival.

According to the relevant person in charge of Xiamen Airlines, during the Spring Festival, they launched a chartered flight charter service for enterprises and students, and also upgraded the air filter device of the aircraft in the air link.

  [Concurrent] Liu Zheng, Manager of Network Revenue Department of Xiamen Airlines North China Marketing Center

  We upgraded the entire fleet in the air with the highest-level air filtration (device), which we have been doing since the epidemic. During the Spring Festival travel period, we have upgraded it again. Continuous protection of our air cabin environment.

  Reported by reporter Liu Chao in Beijing

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]