Compared to November 2020, a total of 24.6 million in 11 months

Dubai International records a 144% growth in passenger numbers during November 2021

Dubai International Airport is back to work at 100% operational capacity.


The total number of passengers who used Dubai International Airport during November 2021 amounted to about three million and 879 thousand and 375 passengers, a growth rate of about 13.36%, compared to the previous month, and 144.6% compared to November 2020. According to data obtained by "Emirates Today", a copy of it. Dubai International recorded more than 24.6 million passengers during the period between January and November 2021.

Passenger numbers

In detail, data from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority showed that the total number of passengers through Dubai International Airport reached 24,617,847 passengers during the period between January and November 2021.

According to the data, the total number of international passengers who used the airport during November 2021 reached three million and 879 thousand and 375 passengers, compared to three million and 421 thousand and 909 passengers in October 2021, with a growth rate of 13.36%.

The data showed that the growth rate in the number of passengers during November 2021 compared to the same month of 2020, which recorded one million and 585 thousand and 461 passengers, amounted to about 144.6%.

January 2021 recorded about two million passengers, compared to 1.6 million passengers in February, bringing the number to more than two million passengers in March, 1.8 and 1.4 million passengers during April and May, respectively, and 1.5 million passengers in June 2021.

The total number of passengers increased during July to 1.9 million passengers, compared to 2.3 and 2.4 million passengers in August and September, at a time when October recorded about 3.4 million passengers, and November recorded 3.8 million passengers.

number of destinations

According to the latest data on the Dubai Airports website, the total number of destinations served by airlines operating at Dubai International Airport, currently, has reached 198 destinations, with 89 national and international air carriers operating their flights to 92 countries at the end of December 2021.

According to data monitored by "Emirates Today", Dubai International Airport has restored 99% of the network with countries of the world, 83% of destinations, and 117% of the number of airlines that were operating their flights through the airport before the "Covid-19" pandemic, as it works in Dubai International Airport has more airlines, compared to pre-pandemic levels.

In turn, Dubai Airports confirmed that Dubai International Airport, the busiest in the world, returned to work at its full operational capacity at 100%, after the opening of the last phase of "Concourse A" in Terminal 3, where the return included all stations and rest stops.

The busiest airport

Dubai International Airport remains, according to Airports Council International, the world's busiest airport for international travelers, after retaining the title, for the seventh consecutive year, for annual traffic in 2020.

In turn, the latest data issued by OAG International, a provider of airport and airline data, revealed that Dubai International Airport maintains its position as the largest air transport gateway in the world in terms of seat capacity provided by air carriers on international flights departing at the airport.

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