Iranian nuclear industry: in Vienna, decisive days of negotiations

Delegations around the negotiating table to return to an Iranian nuclear deal in Vienna, Austria, November 29, 2021 © via REUTERS - EU Delegation in Vienna

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Iranian nuclear negotiations resumed this week in Vienna.

No date has been set for the end of these discussions which aim to resuscitate the 2015 agreement, weakened by the departure of the United States and by the acceleration of Tehran's nuclear program.


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in Vienna


Nicolas Falez

In the Austrian capital, Iran talks directly with Chinese, Russian, French, British and German representatives.

With the United States, the dialogue is for the moment indirect.


The next 2 or 3 days will be very important,

" warns a Western diplomat who is participating in the negotiations.

In Vienna, a new Iranian team settled at the table of discussions.

This is the consequence of the election of an ultra-conservative president in Tehran this year.

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But according to several sources, this new team seems ready to resume work where it left off last June.

This is crucial since a draft agreement exists and it is 70 or 80% ready, again according to the participants we have been able to meet.

The principle is well known: Iran must return to its nuclear obligations after crossing many red lines and in return, the United States must lift the sanctions reinstated by the Trump administration.


At the beginning of the year, we sometimes spent several hours on the same paragraph,

 ” confides a diplomat for whom this work will demonstrate the Iranians' will to move forward towards an agreement where each word is important.

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