Martin Lange 11:04 am, October 19, 2021

The rise in the price of fuel has revived the mobilization of yellow vests.

Asked this Tuesday at the microphone of Europe 1 in the morning, Michel Biero, executive director of Lidl France, explains that the hard-discount supermarket chain has reduced its margin to "buffer" against the inflation suffered by consumers.

Faced with inflation, Lidl strikes back.

The German hard-discount company intends to continue offering unbeatable prices.

Michel Biero is executive director of Lidl France.

On our antenna, he revealed in the morning of Europe 1 on Tuesday that his supermarkets will slow down the rise in prices by reducing their margins, while the rise in the price of fuel has led to a wave of protest across the country.

"Obviously, we are doing a buffer," pleaded Michel Biero.

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"To buffer, that means that we reduce our margins and we do not pass the entire increase in raw materials on the consumer selling price," he detailed.

"If I take an increase of 20 cents on a packet of pasta at the purchase price, I will not pass the 20 cents on the sale price. But maybe 12, 13, or 15 cents. The products concerned are fine. obviously the pasta, but it's been a month since we increased. "


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Negotiations that promise to be complicated

Some products will not escape the rise, however.

"There is the coffee, there are the preserves which will increase a little bit", detailed Michel Biero.

"There are a few products, but it is very limited. What is certain is that the upcoming negotiations will be quite tense, in the sense that all manufacturers are rushing into the breach."

Enough to comfort the government, which has asked fuel distributors to make an effort.

The government has indicated that it is considering measures to help the French.

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