All the presidential candidates go there with their recommendations in order to find a solution to cushion the prices of fuel in full explosion.

After the reduction in taxes requested by the PS candidate Anne Hidalgo, the PCF candidate Fabien Roussel proposed "to create a floating tax on gasoline as was done at the time by the Jospin government".

That him, it will allow "to lower taxes when the price of the barrel goes up so that it does not weigh on the purchasing power of our fellow citizens", he assured on Cnews.

He also called for "control of distributors so that they pass on the reduction in this tax on the price of gasoline", and called on the State to "participate in the financing of public transport in urban areas so that they are free ”.

LFI calls for price freeze

Alexis Corbière, spokesperson for LFI candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, asked for his part on franceinfo for the immediate blocking of prices. "Already block them at the current level, to prevent it from continuing to flare up", demanded the deputy LFI, proposing "the same method" as "that of Mr. Édouard Philippe when he was Prime Minister on the occasion of the “yellow vests” crisis ”in the fall of 2018. Faced with the demonstrations, Edouard Philippe then announced at the beginning of December 2018 a moratorium on the increase in the fuel tax scheduled for January 1, 2019 and a freeze on electricity prices and gas.

Jean Castex's government is studying "protective measures" for the French if fuel prices were to continue to rise "over time", its spokesman Gabriel Attal announced on Wednesday.

He mentioned "several possible avenues", including a "lowering of taxes" and "specific aid", while specifying that "the decision has not been taken".

A possible return of the yellow vests movement?

Fabien Roussel judged "of course" possible a movement like that of the "yellow vests", launched in November 2018, because "in the fight for the preservation of the climate", this government has for "obsession" to "tax the wallet of the French to force them "to change their habits. But "this is not the way to do it", he said, advocating on the contrary incentives "much stronger for the purchase of used vehicles or even new" which are clean.

For gas and electricity, the Communist candidate reiterated his proposal for a "30% reduction in taxes on bills" and accused the government of being "inflated" when he proposed a "tariff shield" against the rise in the price of gas: "it blocks prices after the incredible increases and will keep them high when they fall, to be reimbursed" for the shortfall.


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