The layoffs will be recorded at the end of 2022. The Ariane group announced Friday the elimination of 171 jobs on its site in Les Mureaux, in Yvelines, reports Le Parisien.

The operation is part of a workforce reduction plan which concerns the seven French sites of the famous launcher.

A total of 530 jobs are involved in the country.

The Ile-de-France site has a total of 2,000 workers.

The affected employees would be intermediate positions, not directly involved in production.

They will be offered a reclassification within another company of the group.

Or a job with an Ariane shareholder, such as Airbus or Safran.

Avoid social breakage

Double volunteering, according to Ariane.

“There are sometimes more volunteers than places offered, analyzes Laurent Sender, local union manager CFE-CGC ArianeGroup.

The objective of this device is that they leave satisfied, without social disruption.

»Meetings should take place to specify the profile of the positions eliminated and the amount of contractual severance payments.

These layoffs would be linked to the overwhelming competition from the American SpaceX.

Elon Musk's company has hit the aerospace market hard with its reusable launcher.

Since then, demand has fallen sharply from the French manufacturer, despite its longevity.


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