According to the National Day film market data released by China News Service Beijing on October 8th (Mei Yunqiu) Maoyan Research Institute, the total box office of National Day films this year reached 4.384 billion yuan, approaching the 4.466 billion yuan box office record created in the same period in 2019.

  It is reported that the average number of screenings on the National Day this year will be 45,000 less than that of the National Day in 2020, which is equivalent to one less screening per day in each theater.

  Although the number of games has dropped, the total number of attendances has increased by 280,000 compared to the first seven days of last year.

At the same time, this year's National Day stalls averaged 38.3 people per game, an increase of 10.3 people compared to last year.

  The super output of "Changjin Lake" and the stable performance of "Me and My Fathers" make the box office pattern of the 2021 National Day films even more disparity.

As of 12:00 on the 8th, "Changjin Lake" won the championship with a box office of 3.409 billion yuan, and "My Father and Me" ranked second with a box office of 1.055 billion yuan. The top two box offices accounted for 95% of the box office.

  Among them, "Changjin Lake" broke the single-day box office record of National Day films for six consecutive times, and broke multiple records such as the total box office records of National Day films and the total box office records of historical wars.

"Changjin Lake", "My Fathers and Me", and "Five Boys Who Fell in the Water" created the record for the highest number of movie viewers in the IMAX National Day file.

  As a historical war theme movie, the basic audience of "Changjin Lake" is adult males. However, data from the Maoyan Research Institute shows that since its release, ticket users of the film have rapidly advanced to female audiences, although the overall age distribution is still in the older direction. Development, but the proportion of viewers over 40 years old is declining.

In addition to quickly breaking the circle among female audiences, the proportion of "Changjin Lake" in the third and fourth-tier sinking cities has also steadily increased. Low-frequency movie viewers are basically the same as the industry average.

  Parent-child films, which are mainly animated films, are just needed during the holidays, but according to the data of Maoyan Research Institute, the National Day files of 2021 "Pipiru and Luxisi: The Canned Man", "Big Ear Tutu: Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action", and "Eagle" The box office contributed by five new parent-child films such as "Catch the Little Chicken" is only 14 million yuan higher than the total output value of a new film of "The Snowman" in 2019, leading a group of old films, and the parent-child market has not achieved a single-day box office breakthrough. .