China News Service, Shenyang, September 24 (Li Xi) The opening ceremony of the China-Korea Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference and China (Shenyang) Korea Week (hereinafter referred to as "Korea Week") was held in Shenyang on the 24th.

  As one of the important activities of the Liaoning International Investment and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Liaoning Fair"), Korea Week aims to create a new frontier for opening up, fully integrate into the new dual-cycle development pattern, and actively participate in the construction of Liaoning's "Belt and Road" comprehensive experiment District, further strengthen economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with South Korea, and build an important platform for communication and cooperation between the two parties.

More than 600 products from 259 Korean companies participated in the exhibition area of ​​the Korea Pavilion specially set up at the Liaoning Fair.

  At the event site, representatives of Fortune 500 companies and large enterprise groups in South Korea, such as Doosan, CJ, LG, and Pohang, and senior experts and scholars in the field of China and South Korea's economic and trade fields attended the opening ceremony.

The chairman of the North Korean Economic Cooperation Committee and 12 sister cities and cities with friendly and cooperative relations sent congratulations via video.

  According to the staff of the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, since the first China (Shenyang) Korea Week was successfully held in 2002, this year is the 18th, and it has developed into an event that symbolizes the friendly cooperation between South Korea and Shenyang.

South Korea and Shenyang are geographically close, close to each other and culturally connected, and are Shenyang's important strategic partners.

At present, Shenyang has established sister cities and friendly cooperative relations with cities such as Seongnam, Daejeon, Incheon, and Daegu.

  Park Minyong, chief representative of the Beijing Representative Office of the Korea Trade Association, said in an interview with reporters that in the past, bilateral trade was mostly concentrated in the consumer goods field. Now there are more and more transactions in raw materials and intermediate materials. It should be said that China’s economic and trade development has also driven the exports of Korean companies. .

  Consul General Choi Doo-suk of the South Korean Consulate in Shenyang said that among the Korean Week events held in different cities in China, the Korean Week in Shenyang has the longest history and the largest scale.

  The 5-day Korea Week will host economic and trade activities such as the symposium between Shenyang and South Korean companies in China, the China-Korea Aviation Industry Exchange and Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting, and the China-South Korea Life and Health Achievement Matchmaking Meeting; and the China-South Korea Friendship Night Performance will also be held , Sino-Korea Food Festival, Sino-Korea Young Artists Art Exhibition and other cultural and sports exchange activities.