In order to solve the serious labor shortage at construction sites, domestic construction companies have set up a new organization to jointly develop robots that work on behalf of humans.

The new organizations were created by 16 domestic construction companies such as Kajima Corporation, Shimizu Corporation, and Takenaka Corporation, and representatives of each company met online on the 22nd.

In the construction industry, there are concerns about a serious labor shortage due to the decrease in young workers, and each company is developing robots that work on behalf of humans.

In order to accelerate the development of such robots, the new organization has created a framework for joint development within the industry, and in the future, in addition to robots that support the transportation of materials, finishing of concrete, and cleaning work, it will be used for the development of remote control systems for large cranes. It means to work on it.

In addition to cost reduction through joint development, unifying robot operation methods will reduce the burden on subcontractors until they get used to it, and can be expected to reform the working style of construction sites.

At the press conference, Kajima Construction's managing director Hitoshi Ito, who became the chairman of the new organization, said, "Although rivals will continue to be involved in quality-related fields, we would like to share simple tasks such as transporting materials. I want to raise the number of young people and help solve the labor shortage. "