China News Service, Wuhan, September 15 (Liang Ting and Xu Chen) The China-Europe Express "Wuhan-Kaliningrad-Hamburg" Express was launched on the 15th. This is the second time that the China-Europe Express (Wuhan) has opened in the Baltic capital of Latvia this year. After the overtime train, a new channel connecting the Baltic Sea has become the new hub of the China-Europe Express (Wuhan) to Europe.

  In the early morning of the same day, the China-Europe train "Wuhan-Kaliningrad-Hamburg", loaded with export goods such as electronic accessories, daily necessities, textiles, and anti-epidemic supplies, made its debut from the China Railway Union Wuhan Central Station, leaving the country via Alashankou, and going to Gari, Russia. Ningrad finally arrived in Hamburg and Duisburg, Germany.

  It is reported that compared with traditional transportation routes, the "Wuhan-Kaliningrad-Hamburg" express line avoids the congestion at the ports of the traditional transportation routes at the ports of Malasevich, Poland and Brest, Belarus, and saves transportation time. The transportation timeliness has been improved, and it is estimated that it will save 3-5 days from Wuhan to Hamburg/Duisburg via the express line.

  In the future, the "Wuhan-Kaliningrad-Hamburg" express line will operate as normal, further enhancing the radiation capability of the China-Europe Express (Wuhan) to the Baltic countries, Western Europe and Northern Europe.

  At present, the China-Europe Express (Wuhan) has 28 stable cross-border transportation routes, covering more than 30 countries and more than 70 cities in Eurasia.