The British McDonald's branches have run out of milkshakes due to an acute shortage of truck drivers.

“Like many retailers, we are currently experiencing delivery problems that affect the availability of individual products.

Bottled beverages and milkshakes are currently not available in England, Scotland and Wales, ”said a company spokeswoman on Tuesday.

According to the BBC, the chain has 1,250 branches in these parts of the country.

The reason for the bottlenecks is a significant shortage of truck drivers who transport goods from A to B.

A number of industries are affected, and there are also gaps on the shelves in many supermarkets.

The shortage, which the industry association Road Haulage Association estimates at around 100,000 missing truck drivers, has to do with the fact that many drivers from Europe left the country after Brexit.

Complicated and expensive visa procedures are now necessary, which is why hardly any new ones are added.

In addition, thousands of drivers retire every month and there are not enough offspring.

Tens of thousands of driving tests have been canceled due to the pandemic.

The industry is calling for non-bureaucratic visas for European drivers and better subsidies for driving tests.