One of the highest railway bridges in Germany has been completed.

The approximately 500 meter long bridge closes the last gap between the new Wendlingen and Ulm line across the Filstal.

Nearby are Mühlhausen im Täle and Wiesensteig (both district of Göppingen).

The railway wants to celebrate bridging the gap with a ceremony on Wednesday.

The bridge rises 85 meters into the air, making it the third highest railway bridge in Germany and the front runner in Baden-Württemberg, according to Deutsche Bahn.

The Filstalbrücke is a section of the 120 kilometer long new Wendlingen-Ulm line.

Around 770 tons of steel and 55,000 cubic meters of concrete were used.

On the high-speed route on the Albaufstieg, the bridge forms a short above-ground passage along the route.

It connects the eight kilometer long Boßler tunnel with the five kilometer long Steinbühl tunnel.

Deutsche Bahn intends to put the route through its paces at the beginning of next year.

The official start of operations is planned for December 2022.

Passengers should then need around a quarter of an hour less travel time on the Stuttgart-Ulm route.

With the opening of the Stuttgart 21 train station, travel time is to be reduced by almost half an hour.