China News Service, Shanghai, July 11. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group issued an announcement on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the 11th that Fosun Industrial, the company's subsidiary, and TSMC, Hon Hai and Everlasting Foundation have recently signed an mRNA new crown vaccine sales agreement.

According to the agreement, Fosun Industrial will sell a total of 10 million doses of the vaccine to the aforementioned purchasers.

  The person in charge of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical stated that the company will supply vaccines to Taiwan in accordance with the agreement and normal business rules, and looks forward to helping Taiwan compatriots to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic and return to normal life as soon as possible.

  In March 2020, Shanghai Fosun Pharma signed an agreement with the German BioNTech company to participate in the development of the mRNA new crown vaccine and has the exclusive commercial rights of the vaccine in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

In January this year, the vaccine was approved for emergency use in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

In February of this year, the vaccine was approved by the Macao Special Administrative Region Health Bureau to be imported and used in the Macau New Crown Vaccination Program.

  Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Taiwan since May of this year, some counties, cities, enterprises and private organizations have proposed to purchase BNT vaccines from Shanghai Fosun Pharma.

The person in charge of Fosun Pharma clearly stated at the time that he was willing to serve the vaccine to Taiwan compatriots and play an active role in the prevention and control of the epidemic on the island.

However, the DPP authorities did not reluctantly agree to TSMC, Hon Hai and Everlasting Foundation to negotiate purchases with Fosun Pharmaceutical Group until late June.

  It is understood that some counties, cities, and civil organizations in Taiwan are also currently negotiating with Shanghai Fosun Pharma about purchasing vaccines.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, once said that willing counties, cities, private organizations, and companies on the island can negotiate purchases in accordance with normal business rules. We hope that the people in Taiwan will get the much-needed vaccine as soon as possible.