According to Yushkov, this statement by Blinken, as well as the subsequent words that the United States potentially retains the ability to withdraw its decision not to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG, can be regarded as a signal for Europe. 

“Probably, the United States perceives this situation in such a way that the ball is on the side of the Europeans, that they, the Americans, have already made a gift to the Europeans, such a curtsey, have not imposed sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 operator ... And now they are waiting for this service from the Europeans oncoming steps.

Accordingly, they hint at this that the story with sanctions is not over yet ... That is, the United States will continue to use Nord Stream 2 now as a lever of pressure in negotiations with the Europeans, "Yushkov explained.

In his opinion, the United States now considers that US-European relations are more valuable to them than attempts to stop the construction of the gas pipeline.

“But if the scales tilt towards the need to“ contain ”Russia, then it may well turn out that they will sacrifice their good relations with the Europeans and still introduce sanctions.

Here the Americans say that the story is not over, that it will continue, that there is still room for bargaining, for maneuver, ”the expert concluded.

Earlier, Blinken said that he considers the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be a fait accompli and is negotiating with the FRG authorities on further steps in the field of Russian natural gas exports to Europe.