The first "Ministerial Channel" of the Fourth Session of the 13th National People's Congress opened

  Minister of Finance: The burden reduction of enterprises and individuals will become more and more obvious

  How to treat the GDP growth target of more than 6% put forward in the government work report?

How to set the indicators in the "14th Five-Year Plan" outline?

After the poverty alleviation is completed, how to revitalize the village?

Can the Chinese hold their jobs well?

  On the morning of March 5, the first "Ministerial Channel" of the Fourth Session of the 13th National People's Congress opened. National Development and Reform Commission Chairman He Lifeng, Minister of Finance Liu Kun, and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Tang Renjian were interviewed via online video. The economy, tax cuts and fee reductions, and food security respond to social concerns.

Where is the confidence in the expected GDP growth of 6%

  Speaking of the main target indicators in the "14th Five-Year Plan" outline, He Lifeng said: "These indicators are like peaches that can be picked with one struggling, but we must work hard. We must have confidence in this."

  At present, there are still many uncertainties in the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the external environment. How do you view the expected target of a GDP growth rate of more than 6% this year?

  “It’s not difficult to know what happened.” He Lifeng said that in 2020, the US economy will drop by 3.5%, the EU economy will drop by 6.4%, Japan's economy will drop by 4.8%, and my country's economy is growing by 2.3%.

The "13th Five-Year Plan" came to a successful conclusion. "This has created better conditions and laid a solid foundation for the realization of the goals and tasks of this year and the "14th Five-Year Plan"". This January and February will extend the second half of 2020. In particular, the trend since the fourth quarter has maintained a steady and positive trend. “Chinese companies have a strong ability to adapt to changes in the situation and have a strong resilience. China’s economic development has a strong stamina. We have confidence, determination and strength. , Have the confidence to achieve the goals and tasks proposed this year."

  "From the perspective of the primary industry, the total output of more than 1.3 trillion catties of grain this year is likely to be achieved, and the country’s basic rations can still be self-sufficient. From the perspective of the secondary industry, supply-side structural reforms have been achieved for many years, and high-quality development has been promoted. Emerging industries are in the ascendant. Traditional manufacturing is accelerating its development towards high-end, intelligent, and green. The advantages of China's complete industrial categories and complete systems are becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, the prospects are promising. The more difficult is the tertiary industry, which is difficult and blocked. There are more points, especially in hotel accommodation, passenger transport services, tourism and entertainment. Small, medium and micro enterprises will have more difficulties. Various localities and departments are working with relevant departments to help companies solve these problems." He Lifeng said.

Financial departments at all levels must calculate large and long-term accounts

  Liu Kun said that this year's proactive fiscal policy will remain basically stable, and there will be no sharp turn.

  In response to questions about tax cuts and fee reductions, he cited some data. "The ratio of my country’s tax revenue to GDP is the lowest among the world’s major economies, and the ratio is declining year by year. From 18.1% in 2015 to 2020. 15.2% of the year, a decrease of 2.9 percentage points."

"Financial departments at all levels will calculate large and long-term accounts, overcome the immediate pressure of revenue and expenditure, and resolutely reduce the tax reduction in place and reduce the fee reduction in place, so as to help enterprises go lightly and develop better."

  Liu Kun said that this year will focus on improving tax and fee reduction policies, including continuing to implement the systemic tax and fee reduction policies such as the deepening of the value-added tax reform and the special additional deductions for personal income tax that have been introduced in recent years. And personal burden reduction will become more and more obvious."

  Liu Kun said that the phased tax and fee reduction policies introduced in 2020 should be withdrawn in due course. On the basis of research and demonstration, some of the implementation period should be appropriately extended, and the implementation should be suspended after some expire, and no "sudden brakes" should be applied.

"We can stabilize the Chinese people's own rice bowls"

  In December 2020, Tang Renjian, who took up the post of Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, embarked on the "Ministerial Channel" for the first time. He recounted his research experience.

  Starting this year, the fight against poverty will be fully shifted to rural revitalization.

Tang Renjian said that after 8 years of hard work, the fight against poverty has been completed, and the "two no worries and three guarantees" have been solved. The infrastructure and social outlook of urban and rural areas have also changed greatly. But so far, many of these have been in administrative villages and villages. There are still many stuck and blocked points to be solved in the following home arrivals.

  He emphasized, "Some time ago, some localities had problems with rural construction. What I want to emphasize is that in the future work, we must understand that rural construction is for farmers. This is what General Secretary Xi made clear at the Central Rural Work Conference. Proposed. Therefore, to carry out rural construction, we must take care of the feelings of farmers and reflect their needs. We must not have subjective will, let alone engage in formalism and bureaucracy. We must do good things and do practical things."

  Liu Kun also revealed that this year the central government will set up 156 billion yuan in subsidies for converging and promoting rural revitalization.

  The draft of the "14th Five-Year" plan set food security indicators and energy security indicators for the first time. Tang Renjian answered the question of food security with confidence: "Our food security is guaranteed, and we can stabilize the Chinese people's own rice bowls."

  Regarding how to make a good turnaround in the seed industry, Tang Renjian said that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is working with relevant departments to study and formulate an action plan for a good turnaround in the seed industry, solve key core technologies, and strive to control the core seed sources in their own hands and cultivate a We will approve seed companies that are "integrated in breeding, reproduction and promotion", build a national seed base, manage the seed market, and protect intellectual property rights.

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