The registration website of the Fund Practitioner Qualification Examination was once crowded, and 11 new examination cities were opened yesterday.

  How does Jimin turn financial management into a daily "fund social"

  Registration for the new round of fund qualification examinations to be held on March 27 began last week.

However, on the first day of registration, most fund candidates found that the exam registration page could not be opened or logged in. Even after logging in, the exam places in some popular exam areas have already been registered, and the registration is as hot as a star fund product. .

The registered website was once "squeezed", and the fund qualification examination even rushed into the hot search list of Weibo.

  On the afternoon of March 2, the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association announced in an emergency that 11 new test cities will be opened, namely Harbin, Changchun, Changsha, Hefei, Nanjing, Shenyang, Chengdu, and Taiyuan. , Xining City, Beijing City, Shijiazhuang City, for many netizens who did not report their names, they solved the "immediate needs".


  Want to learn related knowledge in depth or transform to invest in funds

  Due to the epidemic situation, there are fewer exam sessions and test sites this year than in the past. There are only 3 exam opportunities throughout the year. Due to the booming fund market last year and the polarization of funds since this year, some of the once popular funds turned out to be " Fell into the hot search".

Fund investment is no longer about closing your eyes to buy and you can lie down and win. Many Christians hope to learn more about fund investment through examinations, improve their professionalism in investment, or prepare for future investment in the fund industry.

  Citizen Mr. Liu intends to apply for the fund qualification examination this year. He invested in a fund with the theme of new energy last year, and the income nearly doubled, which made him have a keen interest in the fund industry.

“As a post-80s generation, most of my colleagues around me invested in funds, but their income was very uneven. Some colleagues’ income doubled, some colleagues only outperformed the Shanghai and Shenzhen Index, and some of them lost money by buying technology funds. . I think the loss is mainly due to lack of professionalism, and I did not choose a good fund. I plan to learn the knowledge of funds systematically by taking this exam." Mr. Liu revealed that the examination of the fund qualification certificate will allow me to conduct investment and financial management more professionally. He has another plan. After a few years of age, he may not be able to adapt to the current pace of Internet companies, and whether he will be able to transform into the investment field at that time.

  A senior fund investor said that this year's fund market is good, attracting a large number of leeks. The post-90s generation ran into the market. Some people even earn twice a year. This may not be a good thing for people who do not have common knowledge of funds. , This will make you lose your awe of the market. Don’t look at your earnings this year by 1-2 times. In the long run, it’s not bad if you don’t lose. E Fund’s most profitable fund will grow to ten years, and the average annualized return will be just 10%.

If a basic citizen does not have a basic sense of risk, the money made by luck will eventually be returned to the market.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily randomly surveyed a number of people who signed up for the fund qualification examination. They all made money because of investment funds and wanted to learn more about this knowledge. Some Christians who took the examination plan to wait until they get the certificate. Transformation into fund investment.


  "If you don't buy a fund today, you won't even be able to talk in the post-90s"

  Since 2019, public funds have achieved an annualized rate of return of more than 30% for two consecutive years. The hot money-making effect of the fund has won the favor of many investors.

Since the beginning of 2021, fund issuance has continued the hot momentum of last year, and many "daylight funds" have been born.

The single-day fundraising scale of the publicly funded new fund market once again set a new historical record. The new fund E Fund's competitive advantage corporate fund exceeded 230 billion yuan in one day. Investors' enthusiasm for fund purchases can be seen.

Statistics show that among the newly added "basic people" in 2020, the post-90s accounted for more than half.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that these young people are not only concerned about the income of the fund, the fund is also their social tool.

Young people once talked about celebrity gossip after a meal. Nowadays, some hot funds and celebrity fund managers have also become the object of discussion.

On a certain website, the topic of "financial management" has attracted tens of millions of attention.

On station B, the views of related videos such as "How to Buy Funds" and "Nanny Level Tutorials for Buying Funds" are all over one million.

A Christian said that he chats with friends after get off work every night, and his first sentence is "Did your fund go up today?"

  "If you don't buy a fund today, you won't even be able to intervene in the post-90s generation." Some media used this headline to describe the popularity of public funds among young people.

Some new-generation "basic people" even imitated the set of "star fan support club" and packaged some high-yielding fund managers into "fund net celebrities", such as Liu Gesong of GF Fund, Zhao Yu of ABC and Alibaba. Yi Fangda Zhang Kun, fund managers have become a phenomenon.

A Christian said that many young people are like him. If the fund returns today, they will go to major forums to fancy celebrity fund managers, and if they lose money, they will start screaming. This has become a way of life.

  Since the beginning of this year, "fund social" has gradually evolved into a "blind date meeting", and a large number of "blind date" message posts have flooded into the fund discussion areas of major APPs.

When the fund is closed and free during holidays, many young people have expressed their own conditions and income in the discussion area, looking for people who are destined.

According to reports, in the China Merchants China Securities Liquor Index Fund discussion forum, more than 50% of the posts are mostly blind dates.

Under the discussion area, there was also a special topic of "China Merchants Liquor Dating Meeting".

Starting from the discussion forum of the China Merchants China Securities Liquor Index Fund, it spread to a number of popular funds. It was all the rage, and the topic of "disguised close friends in the fund discussion forum" also appeared on Weibo hot searches.


  Some star funds fell and expect super high returns to be unrealistic

  On March 2nd, fund group stocks represented by Kweichow Moutai continued to fall, causing the net value of a group of funds to continue to callback.

Since the opening of the Spring Festival, in less than a month, some Christians have lost more than 15%.

According to relevant data, taking the A-share period from February 18 to February 26 (a major fall in the stock market) as an example, there were 518 partial stock funds whose net value fell by more than 15%.

Among them, 22 funds have fallen by more than 19%.

In the context of the collapse of funds, some star funds have also fallen off the altar.

  "Ji Min" Ms. Huang said that her fund nearly doubled last year and has fallen by nearly 20% this year, just like a roller coaster.

She signed up for this year's fund qualification examination this week.

"I want to make myself a professional first, at least a fund professional in the circle of friends. You can't buy a fund in a foolish manner and hope it will rise."

  Li Xunlei, an analyst at Zhongtai Securities, believes that the capital market will still be relatively prosperous in 2021 and will open up during the boom, but it seems unrealistic to expect public funds to continue to obtain ultra-high returns of more than 30%.

In 2021, the pattern of structural differentiation should continue, because this is a major trend led by the stock economy, and there is a high probability that the mean reversion phenomenon will occur this year.


  Fund practice qualification examination registration process

  1. Candidates need to enter the official website of the China Securities Investment Fund Association and choose the entrance of the unified exam;

  2. Candidates need to fill in relevant registration information (education, occupation, working years, position, etc.) according to their personal circumstances, and then click to start registration;

  3. Select the application batch and select the application area;

  4. Candidates need to choose the subjects (the three subjects of fund laws and regulations, professional ethics and business norms, basic knowledge of securities investment funds, and basic knowledge of private equity investment funds);

  5. Candidates need to confirm their application information (location, application city, test subject), and the registration fee can be paid after the information is confirmed.

  Participants who take the exam pass the subject one "Fund Laws and Regulations, Professional Ethics and Business Norms" and subject two "Securities Investment Fund Basic Knowledge" exams, or the subject one "Fund Laws and Regulations, Professional Ethics and Business Norms" and subject three "Private Equity" Anyone who has passed the examination results of "Basic Knowledge of Equity Investment Funds" can apply for registered fund practice qualification.

Test results are valid for a long time.

  Text / reporter Zhu Kaiyun

  Coordinator/Yu Meiying


  The hot fund qualification examination helps the investment crowd mature

  A person in the securities industry said that young people’s "fund socialization" has gradually returned to rationality from the beginning of enthusiasm to now. Some Christians want to make their investment more professional by obtaining a "fund practice qualification certificate". This is good. The phenomenon.

  A third-party fund research institution said that the immature investment methods of the Christians really need some professional financial management knowledge to build a healthier investment mentality.

The money-making effect of funds in recent years has not only enhanced investors' enthusiasm for fund investment, but also laid some dangerous foreshadowings. Some investors did not realize the risks behind fund investment.

The hot registration of the fund qualification examination also reflects the desire of some Christians to gain more financial management knowledge. This is a good phenomenon. Understanding the logic behind the fund product will help the maturity of the fund investment crowd in the future.

  A relevant person from the China Securities and Funds Association stated that the fund qualification examination is an introductory examination for the fund industry. It mainly requires practitioners to master basic laws and regulations, professional ethics, and professional knowledge and skills.

The examination questions are all single-choice questions, focusing on the practical application ability of the examinee, and abandoning the rote mode and content of the questions.

Enhancing the professional standards of financial institution personnel through examinations is an effective way to eliminate unqualified financial service institutions, and it can promote the gradual standardization and specialization of financial personnel across the country.

Ordinary "basic people" who take the exam through self-study will have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the fund industry, which will help understand the risks of the market and make investment more mature.