on March 2nd, the innovation of telefinance has become the general trend of the world's scientific and technological innovation and development.

On March 2, Baidu's founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li published a signed article entitled "Facilitating high-quality development with financial innovation" in the People's Daily.

In the article, Robin Li discusses the importance of integration innovation, especially the integration innovation of smart technology, for innovation in different fields and overall economic development from three levels of leadership, scope of promotion and realization channels.

He pointed out that financing innovation is an important means to promote high-quality economic development, promote the innovation and transformation of large enterprises, and enhance the professionalization capabilities of SMEs.

  In the context of profound changes in the environment for innovation, creation and entrepreneurship, promoting financial innovation has become my country's development goal. In recent years, relevant state departments have successively issued relevant policies.

  Currently, artificial intelligence, as a new generation of digital technology, is becoming a new engine driving China's economic and social development.

Li Yanhong pointed out in the article that from the perspective of the leading power of financial innovation, large enterprises with more technological advantages in related fields should take greater responsibility to drive more innovation subjects and support financial innovation in the industry.

AI ecological companies with technological advantages such as Baidu should give full play to the leading role of leading companies and support the integration and development of different industries and industries.

  As a leading artificial intelligence company, Baidu has continuously given full play to the responsibilities and responsibilities of large enterprises in recent years, launching open platforms such as Flying Paddle and Apollo to promote Rongtong’s innovation and development.

Flying Paddle is an industry-level deep learning platform with open source and complete functions. It can help developers quickly launch artificial intelligence and promote the intelligent upgrading of industries in different industries.

In addition, Baidu has also focused on building Apollo, an open AI platform, to help partners in the automotive industry and the field of autonomous driving quickly build a set of their own autonomous driving systems.

  From the perspective of the promotion scope of Rongtong innovation, Robin Li said that it is necessary to fully understand the significance of enterprises as the main body of innovation.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, more and more high and new technologies will enter the stage of large-scale industrialization and commercial application.

Regardless of industry affiliation, no matter the size of the enterprise, the innovation vitality of the enterprise must be stimulated to the greatest extent.

There are a large number of small, medium and micro enterprises, close to the market, and are the most dynamic innovation units, but their innovation capabilities need to be further activated.

  In order to effectively match the supply and demand of innovation, Baidu provides support for small and medium-sized enterprises through the open source and openness of artificial intelligence technology to help different enterprises innovate and develop.

Based on the flying paddle deep learning platform, Baidu provides comprehensive, leading and easy-to-use AI capabilities and tools for small and medium-sized enterprises.

At present, Baidu's brain AI open platform has opened more than 270 core AI technology capabilities, gathered more than 2.65 million developers, served more than 100,000 companies, and is widely used in the Internet, industry, agriculture, finance, urban, medical, energy, and education And many other industries.

  Regarding the realization channels of financial innovation, Robin Li pointed out in the article that each innovation subject needs to further break the boundaries and restrictions, and work together to promote the optimal allocation of innovation elements.

In recent years, behind the continuous increase in the number of scientific and technological workers in my country and the continuous increase in the scale of R&D investment, there are also problems of poor connection between innovative achievements and application transformation, scientific research and market demand.

  Therefore, while opening up the "production, study, research and application" chain, Baidu has also led the linkage between various innovation entities, realized the coordinated layout of the innovation chain and the industrial chain, and contributed to the improvement of the overall efficiency of innovation.

As far as talent training is concerned, Baidu has continued to increase its investment in talent training for many years, creating a new model of jointly training talents with the government, enterprises, and universities.

Up to now, this model has trained more than 1 million artificial intelligence talents.

  It can be seen that with the support of cutting-edge technologies, Rongtong Innovation is strengthening the deep integration of upstream and downstream industries, and between industries and industries.

As Li Yanhong said, in the process of marching toward the unknown again and again, innovative ideas and paths have been continuously enriched and broadened.

In the face of endless application scenarios and market demands, fusion innovation has increasingly become a consciousness of the innovation subject.

It is believed that with the coordination and linkage of all parties, Rongtong Innovation will inject more vitality into high-quality development.