China News Service, Beijing, March 1 (Reporter Pang Wuji) In February, housing prices in China's 100 cities remained stable with a rising trend.

  According to data released by the China Index Research Institute on March 1st, in February 2021, the average price of newly built houses in 100 cities in China was 15,884 yuan (RMB, the same below) per square meter, up 0.20% month-on-month and about 4% year-on-year.

Data map: The public passed by before a top real estate.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yun

  The new housing market in the Pearl River Delta region is relatively active. From January to February, the price of new houses in the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration has risen by 1.25%, ranking first among major urban agglomerations.

In a single month in February, the price of newly-built houses in Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Dongguan and other places had the highest month-on-month increase.

Among them, the price of new houses in Guangzhou rose 1.8% month-on-month in February, and Zhongshan rose 1.25% month-on-month, ranking the top two in the 100 cities.

  In February, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou and other places issued real estate market regulation and control policies, and local governments implemented policies and measures to stabilize the real estate market.

For example, at the credit level, credit in some areas in Guangzhou has been tightened, and interest rates on real estate loans have been raised; Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai have strengthened the management of personal operating loans and strictly controlled the illegal flow of funds into the real estate market.

That month, the Shanghai Xinfang lottery points system was formally implemented. For new housing projects with more than the required number of subscriptions, the points system will be used to give priority to the purchase of houses for "houseless families".

  Cao Jingjing, research director of the Index Business Unit of the China Index Research Institute, pointed out that February coincided with the Spring Festival holiday, and most housing companies adjusted their supply rhythms. They were affected by the advocacy of "Chinese New Year in situ" and the "non-closing" of most sales offices during the Spring Festival. Urban housing demand has been released, and the performance of the property market has been more active than in previous years.

However, due to the intensive introduction of regulation and the influence of the Spring Festival holiday, the increase in housing prices in Baicheng narrowed in February, and the month-on-month increase in the average price of new houses in Baicheng narrowed by 0.17 percentage points from the previous month.

  Cao Jingjing pointed out that in March it is expected that the pace of real estate market launches will be significantly accelerated, and market supply will increase. The prices of newly built houses in 100 cities may remain stable and have a rising trend. However, under the positioning of "housing to live without speculation", the property market policy in some hot cities may be It is possible to continue to tighten.