An automatic radar on board a standardized car.

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The annex concerning the “road safety devices” of the 2021 finance bill revealed that the State planned 4,700 radars by December 2021. In the count of these radars, established by

The League for the Defense of Drivers

, 450 radar cars will be deployed, 223 of which will be outsourced, almost six times more than at present.

As of June 1, 2020, on the roads of Brittany, Center-Val-de-Loire, Normandy and Pays-de-la-Loire, only forty radar cars driven by private drivers were in circulation.

Driving on average 5:30 a day, against 1:45 for those of the police, they already count "a third of the hours of control" giving rise to 876,990 tickets, indicates



"A new source of stress"

Unmarked vehicles equipped with an infrared flash therefore already await motorists on its roads and the Grand-Est region will be next.

"The only objective of this new scourge of the roads is to trap the drivers", underlines the League.

She specifies that these devices "will never reduce accidents and will only cause a new source of stress for motorists".

The League for the Defense of Drivers has detailed the count of the fleet of 4,700 radars.

In addition to these 450 radar cars, one can also find 1,000 fixed radars, 450 mobile radars, 1,200 turret radars, 300 red light radars, 250 worksite radars or even 78 level crossing radars.


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