Sony and Kioxia Apply for Export License to Huawei to US Government October 5, 20:39

It turns out that Japan's Sony and Kioxia have filed an application for permission from the US government over the export of semiconductors to Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

Since the middle of last month, the US government has begun regulations to stop the supply of semiconductors to Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei, and Japanese manufacturers are also moving to cancel shipping to Huawei.

Under these circumstances, Sony and Kioxia Holdings, which became independent of Toshiba, have applied to the US government for permission to export to Huawei, according to people familiar with the matter.

Sony has exported image sensors used in cameras such as smartphones to Huawei, and Kioxia has exported NAND flash memory for storage, but due to the restrictions of the U.S. government, shipments have been canceled at this time. I will.

Kioxia has also postponed its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange this month, and the tightening of regulations on Chinese companies by the Trump administration in the United States is affecting the business of Japanese companies.