[Central China's Rise Trend: Jiangxi Chapter] Jingdezhen: Fully promote the development of general aviation industry

  In January 2017, Jingdezhen was approved as the first batch of general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zones in the country, focusing on creating an internationally competitive general aviation industry cluster and characteristic demonstration zone.

On September 24, the reporter learned from the online theme interview event "The Rise of Central China is Vigorous" organized by the Central Cyberspace Administration of China that in recent years, under the high promotion of the country and the strong leadership of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Jingdezhen has made every effort to promote the development of the general aviation industry in terms of project construction, international cooperation, platform construction, R&D and innovation.

  Jingdezhen is my country’s main helicopter R&D and final assembly production base, and has been successively rated as "National New-type Industrialized Helicopter Industry Demonstration Base", "National High-tech Industrialization Base", "National Innovative Industrial Cluster Pilot", and "National Strategic Emerging Industry Regional Cluster" "Development pilot projects", "the first batch of military-civilian integration demonstration bases in Jiangxi Province," and "a strategic emerging industry cluster in Jiangxi Province".

  According to data provided by the Military-civilian Integration Office of the Jingdezhen Municipal Party Committee, the total output value of Jingdezhen’s aviation industry in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (estimated), and 2025 (estimated) will be 20 billion yuan, 22 billion yuan, 25.3 billion yuan, 26 billion yuan, 30 billion yuan.

The total output value of the general aviation industry in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (estimated), and 2025 (estimated) will be 700 million yuan, 900 million yuan, 1.2 billion yuan, 1.5 billion yuan, and 2.2 billion yuan respectively.

  The foundation of general aviation industry development is "practical"

  Jingdezhen is known as the "cradle of Chinese helicopters."

The aviation industry of Jingdezhen began in 1969 with the national defense strategy. After 50 years of development, it has undergone major processes such as surveying and mapping imitation, reference prototype design, and independent research and development of improvements and modifications. The helicopter Zhi-8 with the largest tonnage in Asia was born, and China’s first military and civilian helicopters were born. There are many “firsts” in the history of Chinese helicopters such as the general-purpose helicopter Zhi-11, the first large-scale civil transport helicopter AC313, and the first light general-purpose helicopter AC311 that passed AEG review. The production and sales of helicopters have increased for three consecutive years, accounting for domestic production. The share of helicopters is more than 60%. In 2019, the total output value of the aviation industry in the city is 25.3 billion yuan, which has established the advanced level and important position of Jingdezhen helicopter R&D and manufacturing in the country.

  General Aviation Industry R&D and Manufacturing "Strong"

  The aviation industry in Jingdezhen has two beautiful business cards. One is 602, which is the only domestic helicopter R&D institution; the other is Changfei Company, which has become the country's largest helicopter manufacturer with multiple series and multiple models of helicopters. Intelligent manufacturing production base.

It is the high integration of state-level factories that has created the solid foundation and unique advantages of Jingdezhen's aviation industry.

At the same time, Jingdezhen High-tech Zone and Changfei Company have integrated resource advantages and cooperated to build an aviation parts industrial park. 22 enterprises have settled in them. The projects cover aviation seats, interior parts, avionics and other fields.

  General aviation industry platform starting point "high"

  Jingdezhen City currently has 2 national-level international scientific and technological cooperation bases, 1 national-level enterprise technology center, 2 provincial-level scientific and technological collaborative innovation bodies, 2 Haizhi workstations, 1 industrial innovation alliance, 1 academician workstation, and 1 doctorate Workstations, 1 provincial-level engineering research center, Changfei Company’s physical and chemical testing center, productivity promotion center and other military-civilian integration technology service organizations, as well as 602 helicopter low-speed wind tunnels, electromagnetic compatibility laboratories, noise laboratories, strength laboratories, etc. Key laboratories, including Changfei Company and 602 Institute, were listed as "National Defense Science and Technology Cooperation Base" by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

  General aviation industry supporting guarantee "full"

  Relying on key scientific research and production units such as Changfei and 602 Institute, Jingdezhen City has made every effort to promote the development of the aviation industry. There are 3 complete machine manufacturing enterprises (Changfei, Jiangzhi, Deli), and more than 50 parts supporting enterprises, which are multi-purpose , Multi-series, multi-model helicopters and aviation parts research and development, production and supporting a relatively complete industrial chain, can provide the general aviation industry with helicopter development, flight test, maintenance, operation and other "one-stop" services.

  It is understood that the following main results have been achieved in the demonstration construction since 2017.

Airport construction indicators: From 2017 to the present, there are 3 airports within Jingdezhen that can undertake general aviation operations. Fuliang General Airport will be added in 2020; there were 6 take-off and landing points in Jingdezhen in 2017, and it will increase to 8 in 2018. Up to 10.

In 2019, Changfei Company will deploy up to 103 take-off and landing points in Jingdezhen and its surrounding areas. It is estimated that 213 take-off and landing points will be completed in 2025.

Operational scale indicators: In 2017, the two general aviation operating companies in the city had 8 aircraft, 11 in 2018, and 12 in 2019. The total fleet has maintained a steady growth and is expected to reach 22 in 2025.

There were 710 hours of flight operations in 2017 and 1,300 hours in 2019, with an average annual growth rate of double-digit growth.

Manufacturing scale indicators: In 2017, the number of helicopters and industrial-grade UAVs exceeded 200. AC313, AC311, AC311A, Xiaoqinglong UAV, JH-2 helicopter, JH-5 UAV, Skyeye UAV, etc. have achieved mass production , The average annual delivery growth rate is 20%. In 2019, the output of helicopters and industrial-grade UAVs reached 260.

Other data indicators: As of 2019, 7 R&D centers have been built, 50 companies in the general aviation field, 1,332 industry employees, and 105 aviation patents have been obtained.

  At present, Lvmeng military-civilian dual-use airport, high-tech general airport, pilot training base and other infrastructure have been built. It has two general aviation operating companies, Heli General Aviation Jingdezhen Company and Jiangxi Ganxiang. It has carried out emergency rescue, air tours, and pilot training. Series of general aviation operations.

  One is emergency rescue services.

Established the first national aviation emergency rescue base in northeastern Jiangxi and became the first city in the province to purchase helicopters by the government. Relying on Changfei's equipment, facilities, technology, and personnel, it carried out police law enforcement, emergency rescue, and high-speed inspections. Wait for general navigation operations.

In April 2019, a forest fire broke out in Nanshan of our city and spread to Fengshushan Forest Farm, covering an area of ​​20 hectares.

Our city dispatched two AC313 helicopters and one AC311 helicopter to carry out aerial forest fire extinguishing operations, sprinkling more than 50 tons of water, and coordinated with more than 280 ground firefighters in Jingdezhen to quickly and effectively control the spread of fire, which was highly praised by all sectors of society.

  The second is navigable short-distance transportation and air tours.

The opening of the "Nanchang Express Line" from Jingdezhen to Nanchang shortened the journey between the two places from 3 hours to 30 minutes.

Changfei Company took the lead in using the aviation tourism equipment "AC311 helicopter" to carry out the "aviation + tourism" pilot program in Wuyuan, Jinggangshan, Mingyue Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Dajue Mountain, Xiangai Mountain and other scenic spots, in order to expand the operation of new general aviation business and promote tourism It played a role of promotion and demonstration in resource development and the establishment of a three-dimensional tourism transportation network.

  The third is pilot training.

Changfei Company merged with Litong Aviation, established a branch in Jingdezhen, and settled the first domestically-made civil helicopter flight training base in Jingdezhen. It has carried out more than 300 hours of pilot training; Jiangxi Ganxiang obtained the qualification for helicopter pilot private license training and became the province’s No. A private business license training company for helicopter pilots, and has carried out 8 UAV pilot training courses, training more than 60 pilots.

  The fourth is general aviation flight services.

Academician Chen Zhijie of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Changfei Co., Ltd. established the country's first low-altitude airspace management and general aviation flight service academician workstation to fully promote the construction of Jiangxi "Skynet" and "Ground Net", and create a Jiangxi model for the establishment of a low-altitude control and aviation rescue system. National standard.

  The fifth is the construction of general aviation culture.

The province's first helicopter science and technology museum was built, and the daily maximum passenger flow exceeded 50,000.

At present, the Jingdezhen Science and Technology Museum with aviation theme features is under construction. It will make every effort to build a science and technology exhibition center, youth science education base, patriotism education base, science tourism service window, and public leisure and entertainment venues.

  It is understood that the general aviation industry development plan and airspace plan, the conceptual plan of aviation town, the controlled detailed plan and the urban design have been completed. The planned area is about 12 square kilometers, forming the function of "one river, two banks, one town and five districts" layout.

A total of 3 billion yuan has been invested, about 2,000 mu of land has been acquired, nearly 100,000 square meters of houses have been acquired, and more than 30 infrastructure projects have been initiated. Among them: the aviation bridge has been completed and opened to traffic; the 10 square kilometers road network has basically been formed; The network upgrade and transformation are fully completed; most of the main body of the 200,000 square meter aviation industry standard factory building is capped.

Jingdezhen is currently implementing 32 general aviation and supporting key projects, with a total investment of 13.9 billion yuan, and a cumulative investment of about 5.699 billion yuan. They are mainly divided into R&D and innovation platforms, machine manufacturing, parts and components, general aviation cultural tourism and supporting infrastructure, etc. field.

Among them: the first phase of the helicopter assembly park of Changfei Company has been completed. Riveting, machining, moving parts, composite materials, complete machines, painting and other plants and delivery centers, comprehensive warehouses, logistics distribution centers and helicopter maintenance centers have all been invested Used and newly added more than 240 sets of main process equipment.

Construction of the aviation engineering center and expert building of the second phase of the project has started; the AC313, AC311, and AC311A production lines have been put into production, and the AC310 and S300 are undergoing airworthiness certification procedures.

Jiangzhi Company successfully signed an agreement with Ukraine DB Company to assemble and produce AK1-3 helicopters; the four models of Xiaoqinglong UAV, JH-2 helicopter, JH-5 UAV, and SkyEye UAV have formed a year Production capacity of 300 aircraft.

The final assembly plant and composite material plant of Deli's annual production of 150 KA-2HT two-seat double-engine light helicopters have been completed, and the steel structures of two newly-built CNC machining centers are being hoisted.

The Aviation Parts Park has settled in 22 enterprises, the main body of 18 enterprises has been completed, and 7 enterprises have been put into operation.

  In October 2017, the Jingdezhen City Recruitment Bureau and Jing Piaojing Returned Talent Service Bureau were established to raise the development of aviation talents to an important strategic height, vigorously attract, retain and cultivate talents, and actively do a good job in talent service.

In December 2017, the "Jingdezhen City Aviation Industry Development and Promotion Work Joint Conference System" was issued to integrate the strength of the city to promote the development of the aviation industry.

In March 2019, policies for recruiting talents such as "Implementation Measures for the Development of "3+1+X" Industrial Talents in Jingdezhen City" and "Several Measures to Strengthen the Construction of Talent Teams in the Aviation Industry in Jingdezhen City" were issued to promote the gathering of aviation talents.

In April 2019, the "Notice on Printing and Distributing Jingdezhen General Aviation Public Service Flight Implementation Plan" was issued, clarifying the operation mechanism of Jingdezhen general aviation flight service docking mechanism, general aviation flight service models and scope of application, service fee settlement and other details, with annual With a quota of no less than 6 million yuan, government flight service procurement agreements were signed with Changfei Company and Jiangzhi Company.

  Focusing on the development goal of realizing the "aviation dream" of 100 billion yuan, Jingdezhen City has seized the historical opportunity of the strategic layout of the national aviation industry. According to "Jiangxi aviation industry grows, aviation research and development is strengthened, Jiangxi aircrafts fly, and aviation city rises. "Aviation market is booming", conform to the development trend of general aviation industry at home and abroad, highlight the advantages and characteristics of Jingdezhen, and increase the planning and construction of general aviation industry infrastructure by improving the manufacturing capacity of general aviation aircraft and supporting industries to build Jingdezhen. Focus on the emergency rescue system surrounding the surrounding area, cultivate and promote the prosperity of the general aviation operation market, realize the integrated development of the general aviation industry with the development of military-civilian integration and international exchanges and cooperation, and create a good environment for the development of the general aviation industry with policy support and financial guarantees. The general aviation comprehensive demonstration area develops healthily and sustainably, and the general aviation industry of Jingdezhen is truly enlarged and strengthened.

  (China Daily Jiangxi reporter station Wang Jian)