The National Institute of Social Security had approved 3,966 applications to receive the minimum vital income (IMV), 0.57% of the total, as of August 7, according to the response to a query raised by the Unemployment Victims Association.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá , pointed out this week on his Twitter account that more than 700,000 requests for benefits have been received .

The president of the association, Joaquín García, has commented to EFE that the percentage of applications approved for the IMV "is ridiculous" and has opined that "it seems that the procedures are being stopped for budgetary reasons, due to lack of cash in the box and perhaps also due to personnel problems. "

García has said about the data provided by Social Security (3,966 applications) assumes that 75 applications per day have been approved to date, to 1.5 applications per province, and therefore has questioned the issue of lack of personnel administrative.

Minister Escrivá commented on his Twitter account last Monday that "the problem with drawing conclusions so early is that those that were presented very quickly, which are the most advanced in the processing, seem to have a high percentage of documentation errors , which have to be remedied. "

The president of the Unemployment Victims Association has regretted that Social Security has not informed them of the number of denied applications.

Applications for this income for unemployed people with no income were sent as of June 15.

The Social Security also attaches and at the request of the aforementioned association a calendar for 2020 for the collection of applications approved without being ex officio, which will be effective on the first working day of each month, from last August 3 to January 3, 2021 .

The number of applications approved ex officio to receive the IMV amounts to 74,100 , according to the data provided by Social Security in its response.

The Government approved the IMV at the end of May as a set of measures articulated around a new Social Security benefit, to guarantee a minimum monthly income to households in a situation of special vulnerability.

The estimate is that the benefit could reach around 850,000 households (the IMV is intended for coexistence units), in which approximately 2.3 million people live.

Almost half of these households have dependent minors and between 70,000 and 100,000 are single-parent households, reports Social Security on its website.

Those 850,000 households, he continues, are among the poorest 17% of the population, with an average disposable income of less than 310 euros per month.

The monthly rent varies between 462 and 1,015 euros per month depending on the number of people who live together as beneficiaries and their characteristics.

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